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35th anniversary of Shanghai pop music

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the “I’ve heard your song – the 35th anniversary of Shanghai contemporary pop music” hosted by Shanghai Musicians Association will be held in the Cultural Square during the 32nd Shanghai Spring International Music Festival on April 28. The famous singers Zhang Xing, Shen Xiaocen, Zhou Bingqian, Luo Zhongxu, Li Quan, Ping An, and the singer Fang Qiong, who represent each stage of Shanghai’s 35 year history of pop music development, will perform with zero appearance fee. Zhu Fengbo, a famous singer who has not appeared in public for a long time, served as the general consultant, and Tu Bahai, a musician, served as the music director
nowadays, the development of Chinese pop music has increasingly weakened the regional plate, forming a trend of integration. However, each inherent important place still maintains its own temperament and characteristics. For example, Taipei is still the main source of Chinese pop music creation, Beijing has become the leader in the market, and the cross-border packaging of idols in Hong Kong is the most prominent. The previously bustling Guangzhou and Shanghai are inevitably marginalized. However, there are countless musicians living in Shanghai, once known as “spreading, spreading and re spreading” in the domestic music world. They are not marginalized, they are still trying to sing their own voice
in 1929, 100 popular songs such as drizzle, Peach Blossom River and special express created by Li Jinhui and the Chinese song and dance troupe on the way to Nanyang tour were successively published in Shanghai. Thus, the glorious era of Shanghai beach pop music has been opened. Zhou Xuan, Bai Guang, Yao Li, Gong Qiuxia, Yan Hua, Li Xianglan… The stars are bright; Li Jinhui, Li Jinguang, Chen Gexin, He Luting, Yao Min, Chen Dieyi, Nie Er… A generation of great masters are full of talent and have dedicated famous singers of the times, such as rose, I love you, Tianya singer, night Shanghai, forever smile, Yuguang song and so on. These voices will become the root of the future Chinese pop music culture in the three places on both sides of the Strait
in 1979, Zhu Fengbo, the famous singer, published the album “the rose everywhere”. This is the first stereo sound band in Chinese mainland in the new era. Nan Zhu (Zhu Fengbo) northern Li (Li Guyi) became the symbol of popular culture at that time. In 1979, bands in foreign hotels and pop music themed concerts began to appear in Shanghai. Subsequently, a large number of famous singers such as Zhang Xing, Shen Xiaocen, Mao Amin, Zhu Feng and Zhuang Lu Xun emerged in Shanghai. The Shanghai light music group led by Zhu Fengbo became the first professional pop music group in China. At the same time, domestic and overseas films and TV dramas, such as “Zi San Si Lang”, “Shanghai beach”, “Lushan love”, “evil debt”, as well as the variety show “big world”, have also contributed to the development of pop music
during this period, the album “red sun” published and released by China Record Shanghai company set a national record of more than 8 million genuine sales. He Xuntian and Zhu Zheqin’s “sister drum” invested and operated by Shanghai audio and video company promoted China’s world music elements to the world for the first time. Suwu shepherd invested by Shanghai audio and video company was also the leader of the record production level at that time, In the mid-1990s, the three major companies in Shanghai, recognized as the golden age of Chinese pop music, accounted for more than half of the circulation of music products in China.

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