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An outline of the paper on the future development of digital printing

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I want to write a paper on the future development of digital printing, hoping to help me outline it

“the future development of digital printing” first, we should analyze and summarize the current situation of digital printing; We can start with the current development of the digital industry itself, regional distribution, main business, personnel composition, digital machine manufacturers, etc. In addition, the problems or bottlenecks found in the current situation are listed, and the digital printing is reasonably predicted according to the development of the current printing industry. Judge from the public’s understanding of the digital industry, industry standards, competitiveness, policy support and the application of new technologies. I’ve only been in this business for a long time. I just say what I think from practice. I hope it can be useful to the landlord.

: Fuji Xerox innovative 2010 Asia Pacific Digital Printing Industry Tour seminar was held at Beijing National Convention Center on November 12, 2010. In this event, Fuji Xerox specially invited many industry experts from overseas to preach to Chinese counterparts in the field of digital printing, including Neil falconer, an old friend of China’s digital printing industry who has visited China’s Pira company for many times
at the media meeting specially arranged by Fuji Xerox, Neil Falconer made his own bold prediction for the development of digital printing
forecast 1: digital printing will become an independent application field
“in the Asia Pacific region, especially in Australia and New Zealand, there were only two businesses in the past: traditional printing and fast printing. In the past two years, a new industry, digital printing, has emerged, which refers to enterprises that only do digital printing. In Australia and New Zealand, about 20% of such enterprises only do digital printing.”
previously, in the activities organized by other digital printing equipment suppliers, the author has personally experienced this model of digital printing enterprises, but not in Australia, but in South Korea. As Mr. Neil Falconer introduced, digital printing has become an independent application field. In fact, it has appeared and developed rapidly. At present, the equipment manufacturers of digital printing always implicitly say that digital printing is only a supplement to traditional printing, but perhaps it is true from the perspective of technology. From the perspective of application, digital printing can develop into an independent application field and a new printing business space free from the traditional development mode in the future
prediction 2: printing will shift from pure processing services to diversified development
“In 1990, an authoritative organization conducted a survey. At that time, 92% of the global market was traditional printing and 8% of the market was other services, including fast printing, digital printing, network services, design and it consulting. Last year, the same survey was conducted. The latest figures showed that traditional printing accounted for only 55%, and the other 45% were design, network services, digital printing and it consulting. This data has changed a lot.” Neil Falconer introduction
at present, the competition in the printing industry is not so much the competition of printing itself as the competition of service ability other than printing, but the competition of value-added service ability. Those leading printing enterprises are no longer competing for the stereotypical contents such as printing quality and timely delivery, because these have become the necessary basis for providing services. Now the real strength of enterprises is the value that printing enterprises bring to customers in addition to printing and processing services
to paraphrase a popular saying, “are you still emphasizing printing quality? You’re out!”
forecast 3: packaging digital printing has achieved great development
“although there are few enterprises engaged in packaging digital printing business in China at present, and Fuji Xerox’s digital packaging printing solutions have not been introduced to China, China, as a large manufacturing country, will have a great demand in this field in the future.”
at the innovation 2010 seminar, there was a company from Ireland – mediaware. This previously unknown enterprise in China is the designated supplier of Microsoft’s product packaging. However, Simon Healy, chairman of the company, doesn’t think his company is a printing enterprise. He prefers to call mediaware a provider of packaging solutions and a consultant for customer informatization. It is particularly worth mentioning that mediaware produces the packaging of various products for Microsoft, which is basically completed by digital printing technology
“the global market value of digital packaging printing is about US $60 billion. It is estimated that by 2015, the digital printing business can account for 10% of the packaging printing field. Digital printing has its own very significant advantages, such as zero inventory. At the same time, digital printing is more flexible than traditional printing. It can be used as a supplement to traditional printing, such as supplement or variable data printing.” Mr Neil Falconer said
more than ten years ago, digital printing technology was born; More than ten years later, digital printing technology is having an impact on the traditional printing market and traditional printing layout with its unique advantages. Neil Falconer’s prediction is both bold and objective. We don’t know what changes digital printing technology will bring to the printing industry in the future. We look forward to

you learn things and ask others to make an outline for you How depressed!

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