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Are food bags safe?

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method to judge whether it is safe or not:

1 The outer packaging of plastic bags for food shall be marked in Chinese, indicating the name of the factory, address and product name, and the words “for food” shall be marked in the obvious place. The products are attached with product inspection certificate after leaving the factory

2. Plastic packaging bags for food are odorless and odorless when leaving the factory. Plastic packaging bags with special smell cannot be used for food packaging

3. Colored plastic packaging bags (dark red or black and other colors used in the current market) cannot be used for food packaging. Because such plastic bags are often made of recycled plastic

4. Try to choose materials without coating or plating. In modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion-resistant, a large number of materials with plating are used. This not only brings difficulties to the recovery and reuse of materials after product scrapping, but also most coatings are toxic. If people eat these packaged foods, it will do great harm to people’s health

in addition, the process of coating and plating has also brought great pollution to the environment. Such as volatile toxic solvent gas from coating, waste liquid and residue pollution containing chromium and other heavy metals during electroplating, etc. Therefore, packaging materials without coating and plating should be selected as far as possible

5. It’s best to buy food in large shopping malls instead of street stalls

6. Due to the non degradable characteristics of plastic packaging bags for food, it will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, it is best to choose green packaging materials when purchasing food. Paper is the most widely used green packaging material at present. Therefore, when purchasing food, it is best to choose the original paper packaging, and biodegradable plastics can also be used

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