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Basic knowledge of printing?

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1. The basic knowledge of printing is:

(1) how long is the printing period of the order& nbsp;

(2) how to prepare for the early stage of printing& nbsp;

(3) how to prepare prepress documents for printing& nbsp;

(4) chromaticity difference of film, proofing, printing and computer screen

(5) how is the printed quotation formed& nbsp;

(6) printed paper

2. Printing, Graphic Arts (Graphic) is a technology that transfers the ink to the surface of paper, fabric, leather and other materials through the processes of plate making, inking and pressurization. In a simple sense, printing is a process technology that uses a printing plate or other means to transfer the graphic information on the original to the substrate. It can also be understood as a reproduction process that uses an analog or digital image carrier to transfer the colorant /Pigment (such as ink) to the substrate

3. In the national standard gb9851 1-1990 in terms of printing technology, printing is defined as “printing is a process technology that uses printing plate or other means to transfer the graphic information on the original to the substrate.” Therefore, the latest national standard GB /t9851 1-2008 defines printing as “the reproduction process of transferring colorant /Pigment (such as ink) to the substrate using analog or digital image carrier.”

4. Print order cycle: the delivery time depends on the requirements of the print order. The production cycle is generally 3-8 working days, usually within 4 working days. The more complex the post press processing process is (e.g. laminating, binding, die cutting, UV, bulging, pasting, bronzing, etc.), the longer the cycle, generally more than 4 working days. Daodi customers can fully communicate with our customer service personnel through our online printing platform. Self-service printing can easily place orders. We deliver goods by express passenger distribution, air transportation, China Railway Express and other means according to customers’ needs. The general transportation cycle is 1-5 days

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common sense of printing 1. How long is the printing period of the order? 2. How to prepare for printing? 3. How to prepare prepress documents for printing? 4. Chromaticity difference of film, proofing, printing and computer screen: 5. How is the quotation of printing formed? 6. Printing paper? 1. How long is the printing period of the order? The time of delivery depends on the requirements of the printed order. Our production cycle is generally 3-8 working days, usually within 4 working days. More post press processing, such as laminating, binding, pasting, die cutting, bronzing, etc. Generally, it will take more than 7 working days. Our long-term customers enjoy the service of urgent work free of expediting fee in Zhuocheng. 2. How to prepare for printing? The division of various processes is relatively detailed. You can easily find a professional prepress production company that can provide you with fast and thoughtful service. Of course, we can also provide you with the layout, design and production of prepress documents. We can provide you with a full set of films and proofs. We suggest you do the above films and proofs well. This will ensure your delivery time and minimize intermediate links and expenses. 3. How to prepare prepress documents for printing? If you don’t have time to complete the production of film and proofing in the prepress production company, we will assist you to complete the prepress production immediately. Please pay attention to the following documents, which will save you valuable time. 1. Please confirm that there are all necessary files in the document. Please confirm that the image file must be included in the document. Sometimes, although the image can be displayed, it is actually missing or the resolution is low, so please confirm the necessary image and provide the image file with sufficient accuracy in the document. (picture resolution not less than 280 pixels /inch) 2 Don’t forget to copy in the required fonts. Please be sure to provide the required styles. Although some fonts are displayed, they still need to be copied in the fonts that can be produced before outputting the film. Only the fonts that can be displayed and input can not waste your own time. 3. Don’t forget to change the color of the linked picture from RGB to CMYK, otherwise the film will have color confusion after the film is released. 4. When Pantone spot color is changed to CMYK color, please confirm whether it will achieve the same effect. After the Pantone spot color is converted to CMYK, there will be some differences between the two. After some Pantone spot colors are converted to CMYK, the same effect can be achieved according to the output experience, but those process Pantone colors cannot be achieved by CMYK, so we can only solve it by adding spot color. 5. Double scanning of pictures; Single output can improve the scanning quality of pictures. 6. The simple question of whether the typesetting documents are set well is often defeated by some experienced computer experts; Is the color in the typesetting software set according to the color scale value? So please make a final check. 7. The printing proofing corresponding to the film is the most worry-free reference for the printing factory. If there is no proofing due to various reasons, please be sure to provide at least one printed copy (the color is the best, but there is really no one)

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