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Can lettuce sprouts be eaten?

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I. can lettuce sprouts be eaten?
in this case, it’s best not to eat any more. Green vegetables are fresh. For lettuce, germination itself will not produce any harmful substances, but Xiaobian still doesn’t recommend that you eat lettuce with buds. Because the environmental conditions suitable for germination are also suitable for the mildew of lettuce. Mold will produce some toxins in the process of growth and reproduction. Generally, lettuce germination will be accompanied by mildew, so you must carefully check it. Once you find something abnormal, don’t eat it again
II. Long term storage method of lettuce
it is recommended to use fresh-keeping cold storage
1. The lettuce shall be strictly screened after harvesting, and the lettuce with good quality shall be selected for storage (the lettuce shall be free of dead leaves, hollow, curved leaves, yellow leaves, wilting and thick stems)
2. The lettuce needs to be pre cooled in the pre cooling room at about 4 ° C before warehousing. The pre cooled lettuce should be stored in the cold storage for a long time
3. Put the lettuce to be stored in a unit of 3 ~ 5 into a film bag with a thickness of 0.03mm, seal and pack it, and then stack it on the vegetable rack of the cold storage
4. After doing the above, we should not be careless. We should regularly check the conditions in the vegetable cold storage, such as temperature and humidity. Look more often and check whether the shape of lettuce has changed. Smell more and smell whether the smell in the cold storage is normal and whether there is mildew. Only by carefully using and regularly checking and maintaining the cold storage, can the storage time of lettuce be extended more effectively.

lettuce is a nutritious ingredient. People usually make its roots into delicious food to enjoy, but they will throw away its leaves, because most people think lettuce leaves are inedible. In fact, the young leaves of lettuce are also good food. The nutrition contained in it is even richer than the roots of lettuce. Moreover, the production process of lettuce leaves is also very simple and delicious

in life, you will also see some authentic home dishes about lettuce leaves, such as cold lettuce leaves. Many people like to eat cold lettuce leaves, which are nutritious, delicious and simple. The nutritional content of lettuce leaves is higher than that of the stem. It can also promote gastrointestinal function, reduce blood lipids and control blood sugar. Friends who like it might as well try it

take 800g lettuce leaves, 10g soy sauce, 10g vinegar, 10g white granulated sugar, 3G monosodium glutamate, 5g sesame oil and 5g chili oil. Then wash the lettuce leaves, blanch them with boiling water, drain the water, cool them, cut them into silk and put them on a plate, pour the juice mixed with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and sesame oil, and then put some chili oil and mix well

after reading the introduction on whether lettuce leaves can be eaten in the above mom.com encyclopedia, we know that lettuce leaves can be eaten completely. Then when you eat lettuce again in the future, don’t easily lose the leaves. You can use it for cold food and make full use of its nutritional value.

of course, the tender shoots of lettuce can be eaten. You can wash it directly and eat it cold. It’s very good.

that’s no good. In fact, there are many things he can’t eat, so I think such things are basically impossible to eat, so they must not be eaten.

lettuce leaves can be eaten in many ways
1. Cook noodles with lettuce leaves
2. Stir fry (the same as stir fried cabbage)
3. Cut into small particles and cook porridge
4. Cook vegetable leaf soup
remove the old and yellow leaves outside the lettuce leaves as much as possible and leave fresh and tender leaves
because if the lettuce leaves are a little old, the bitter taste will be obvious.

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