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Can plastic bags hold food directly?

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depending on the situation, hot food is generally not allowed, and colorful plastic bags are not suitable

relevant experts remind that when using plastic bags to package cooked food, snacks and other direct edible food, it is best not to use colored plastic bags, because many of these plastic bags are reprocessed from recycled waste plastic products, and food cannot be loaded directly. Food, especially cooked food, is often easy to deteriorate after being packaged with inferior plastic. After eating, it will cause food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea

the following common plastic bags should not be used:

keep fruits and vegetables fresh with plastic bags

in order to save trouble and energy, many housewives often wrap vegetables in plastic bags and put them in the refrigerator for refrigeration. Experts said, “fresh-keeping film should be used for refrigerated and frozen food in the refrigerator instead of ordinary plastic bags.” The special technology and raw materials of fresh-keeping film have good air permeability and insurance performance, and ordinary plastic bags can not achieve the purpose of fresh-keeping

put food in the microwave

ordinary plastic bags and food bags should not be used for microwave heating as far as possible. The microwave oven heats the water in the food, and the plastic bag and food directly transfer heat. In this way, the temperature of the plastic bag will rise. Most ordinary plastic bags are PVC, while food bags are polyethylene. They all contain some plasticizers, which are easy to volatilize during heating. When heating food in microwave oven, the packaging container with “special for microwave oven” shall be selected

put a plastic bag on the bowl

the combination of plasticizer and plastic is not a very strong chemical combination. Plasticizer is easy to migrate layer in plastic and pollute food. There are two preconditions for this migration. One is in an oily environment, that is, the packaged food contains relatively high oil, and the other is heating. After heating, it will migrate to the food. Therefore, there will be migration and precipitation of plasticizer when plastic bags are used to package all kinds of soup and water

seafood in black plastic bags

if black plastic bags are used to package cooked food, toxic substances will penetrate into the food through the oil in the food, while vegetables, meat and seafood sold in the farmers’ market are food raw materials. If the packaging time is long, harmful substances will also penetrate and cause harm to the human body. When buying food, you should refuse to use black or colored plastic bags. You’d better bring your own packaging bags and try to use less plastic bags provided by vendors

first, it is necessary to check whether there is a sign of “food use” on the appearance of the plastic packaging bag. Usually, this sign should be on the front of the packaging bag in an eye-catching position. The second is to look at the color. Generally speaking, colored plastic packaging bags mostly use the recycled materials of waste plastics, which can not be used to contain food. For example, some vegetable markets use black plastic bags for fish, shrimp and other aquatic products or meat, which were originally used to contain garbage, and consumers should avoid using them. Finally, it depends on whether there are impurities in the plastic packaging bag. Put the plastic bag in the sun or light to see if there are black spots and holes. Plastic bags with impurities must use waste plastics as raw materials
Second, smell whether the plastic bag has peculiar smell and whether it makes people feel sick. Qualified plastic bags should be odor free, while unqualified plastic bags will have various flavors due to the use of additives
Third, the qualified plastic bags have a certain strength and will not be broken once torn; The unqualified plastic bags often have poor strength and are easy to crack due to the addition of impurities
Fourth, when qualified plastic bags shake, they will make a crisp sound; Unqualified plastic bags are often “buzzing” and stuffy.

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