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China cosmetic packaging supplier

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generally, brands are self-produced and sold. They are not processed by packaging manufacturers. I do packaging I’ve been in this business for more than ten years

Za is also packaged in Shanghai
opal é is also packaged in Shanghai
and many European and American brands that make counters in China
are authorized to produce in Shanghai
but their manufacturers must also accept it. L’Oreal is L’Oreal China company. It is not allowed to produce packaging boxes by any brand. The procedures are very complicated

Shanghai zhuben plastic container (Japanese capital)
Shanghai Rexam pump head acrylic (Taiwan capital)
Johnson & Johnson, Shanghai Jiahua, L’Oreal
Shanghai Botley cover (US capital)
Ningbo Zhengzhuang pump head acrylic (Chinese capital)
Qingdao Seiko glass bottle (Japanese capital)
jialibao, Shiseido, IPSA,
Shanghai Qunxin hose (Taiwan capital)
Jiahua, L’Oreal Nivea
Beijing gresheim – glass bottle (US capital)
Natang, Maisu, Xiquan, MARUMI
Shanghai SR – pump head (Taiwan capital)
Shanghai elegant – glass bottle (Japanese capital)
Shiseido, jiannabao, L’Oreal, Avon
Hangzhou Samsung – glass bottle (Chinese capital)
LG diezhuang, doctor Bai, Ding Jiayi, Sofitel, Nanfang Li Jinji, Zhongshan perfect

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