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Countermeasures of over packaging

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excessive packaging wastes resources, pollutes the environment and endangers social interests. It is harmful to the state, society and individuals, and should be resolutely eliminated. To avoid excessive packaging, I think we should first improve our understanding and change our ideas. It is the responsibility of society, enterprises and individuals to establish a simple packaging concept, advocate appropriate packaging and build an energy-saving society. Our packaging workers are duty bound. Individuals should establish a green consumption concept and advocate simple consumption
China has been a land of etiquette since ancient times. It pays attention to family affection and reciprocity. However, in interpersonal communication, we should pay more attention to friendship than gifts, and pay more attention to reality than face. In this way, excessive packaging will have no soil for survival. The society should strengthen publicity, guide the simple and rational consumption concept, and cultivate a healthy social style. The government and industry associations should strengthen guidance, vigorously guide enterprises to establish and enhance the concept of simple packaging, oppose excessive packaging and advocate appropriate packaging, so as to save costs and resources. Packaging workers should also proceed from reality, design reasonably, advocate the concept of economic, practical and beautiful packaging, not only to achieve the function of packaging, but also to avoid excessive
producers should be responsible for curbing excessive packaging and recycling packaging waste. Although China’s current laws and regulations require polluters to bear the responsibility for pollution prevention and control, the provisions are not clear and detailed, and lack of general rigid constraints, resulting in the ineffective implementation of the extended producer responsibility system
to this end, it is necessary to introduce management measures for packaging waste recycling, allowing producers to entrust the recycling of packaging waste to social organizations or recycling enterprises for management. Refine the entity qualification, procedure, process and cost mechanism of waste recycling, and establish a division and cooperation mechanism among the government, consumers and producers. This not only reflects the responsibility of producers, but also reduces the burden of producers
there are two recycling agent methods worth learning from. One is to absorb the German dual recovery method. The producers jointly organize the recycling entity to be responsible for the recycling, classification, treatment and recycling of municipal solid waste. Producers pay certain fees as members of the joint organization, and consumers cooperate with the joint organization of producers to bear the responsibilities specified in policies and regulations such as waste collection. The second is the contract energy management method, and implement the contract municipal solid waste management mode. Let powerful professional companies sign municipal solid waste management contracts with producers, perform their responsibilities on behalf of producers, and charge service fees from producers
over packaging is the main responsibility. Producers should not only bear the corresponding responsibility for over packaging, but also establish a packaging waste recycling system. Only in this way can we really curb excessive packaging
in addition, establishing a packaging recycling mechanism to effectively recycle packaging waste can also avoid excessive packaging. At present, China’s existing recycling mechanism is not perfect. Only a small amount of corrugated board, cans and glass beer bottles can be recycled, while a large amount of packaging waste is still treated by landfill and incineration, which not only wastes resources but also pollutes the environment. In the future, we should gradually improve the recycling mechanism of packaging waste and encourage enterprises to recycle packaging waste. Legislation can also be enacted to prohibit excessive packaging. The standards of excessive packaging should be detailed and implemented by industry and category, and laws and regulations should be established to prohibit excessive packaging. Learn from the experience of other countries and levy packaging tax. Many foreign countries have adopted economic regulation means, increased packaging tax and effectively reduced packaging waste. These experiences are worth learning from
the trend of excessive packaging should be stopped. First, formulate and improve the packaging standards for major commodities as soon as possible, especially the mandatory packaging standards for high-end consumer goods and several special commodities. Second, excessive packaging should be clearly listed as commercial fraud, and daily supervision and punishment should be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations such as the anti unfair competition law and the consumer rights and interests protection law. Third, in the design of industrial policy, we should reflect the guidance of “opposing excessive packaging”. In terms of tax policies and industrial access policies, we encourage the “non packaging” of general commodities and the “simple packaging” of high-end consumer goods, and emphasize that the packaging should be harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and can be recycled or recycled

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