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Difference between raw meal and starch

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what is starch:

the most common and easy to distinguish is “sweet potato starch”, which is granular and dim in color. It is basically used for vermicelli and powder peel. Of course, some fried or pasted delicacies also use sweet potato starch. This starch can be used for the same purpose as raw flour. The only thing is that “thicken” is not as effective as raw flour

what is raw flour:

raw flour is mainly used for thickening. It is a kind of food with bright and white color. It will become transparent after heating with hot water, and it is a bit like chengmian. (chengmian is generally used to make crystal dumplings, and Guangdong morning tea is more common). Each kind of food has its main purpose. For example, since raw flour is transparent, can it be used as jelly? The answer is: No. If you want to make jelly, you still need pea starch. Each kind of starch has different uses, so don’t mix it up

raw meal is just a name:

don’t be confused by “raw meal”. Just think of it as a kind of high-grade starch. What kind of food to make and what kind of starch to use. Generally, there are only three kinds of starch: sweet potato starch, potato starch and corn starch. Their properties are the same. For example, Cantonese say that any starch is called “raw flour”.

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