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Langfang printing 2009-01-20 20:57
as the production and printing costs of Beijing printing plant and Tianjin printing plant are relatively expensive, we sincerely invite friends from Beijing, Tianjin and other areas around Langfang to come to our Langfang printing plant for comparison

Langfang printing factory is a professional enterprise producing and selling printing products. At present, the factory has a number of brand-new four-color printing machines, monochrome machines, and a full set of electronic separation and plate making equipment, which can meet the needs of mass production. Langfang printing factory is a high-tech advertising printing enterprise focusing on customers and pursuing excellent quality. It provides the whole process service from creative design to printing. Large scale production and strict cost control make high quality and low price possible. The upcoming e-commerce will completely change the management method of the traditional printing industry, provide our partners with high-quality environmental protection products and make them more competitive in the international market

Langfang printing network adheres to the business tenet of excellent printing art, superior quality, sincerity and pragmatism and customer first, based on Langfang and facing the world. In the long-term unremitting efforts, it has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with various group companies. Through continuous learning and innovation in cooperation, the company has achieved full integration with international standards from technology to management. At the same time, we take the printing realm of perfection and beauty as our own standard to provide our customers at home and abroad with high-quality products and first-class services

business scope of Langfang printing factory: color printing packaging, color printing packaging printing, color enterprise samples, printing picture albums, printing product manuals, printing advertising materials, printing conference publications, printing posters, printing leaflets, printing packaging boxes, printing handbags, printing letterhead paper, printing color packaging boxes, printing color cards, printing hanging cards, printing desk calendars, hanging calendars, Printing and production of printed recipes, self-adhesive trademarks, color printing, packaging signs and other products

Langfang printing can assure customers that we will definitely make customers feel that our printing packaging and printing technology are first-class services. We have absolute confidence in our color printing packaging, but also guarantee customers and consumers

Wang Mingming, the business manager, made a phone call; 0316 666202 address: anci District, Langfang City, Hebei Province
zip code: 065000

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