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Do you know if it’s a rural registered permanent residence? Does the state subsidize the purchase of large tractors

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it belongs to the scope of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy. Agricultural machinery purchase subsidy refers to the subsidy given to the Department for the purchase of updated agricultural machinery by farmers, farm workers and agricultural machinery specialized households directly involved in agricultural production and agricultural machinery operation service organizations. The specific process is as follows: 1. The buyer who meets the purchase conditions fills in a written application. 2 The County Agricultural Machinery Bureau will input the relevant information of the basic information (name, ID number, address, zip code), and purchase of machinery and equipment, etc., according to the purchaser’s written application form, and purchase the identity card and the photo to the information system 3. The purchase information of the county agricultural machinery bureau is publicized and approved by the China’s Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of agriculture and the provincial government, and the public announcement period is 5. 4 The purchase application of the buyer has been reviewed by the provincial and municipal agricultural machinery bureaus and has been publicized for a period of 5. The County Agricultural Machinery Bureau and the buyer print and sign the approved application form of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy and the agreement on agricultural machinery purchase subsidy 5 The purchaser will provide the machine seller with the application form agreement number and the ID number, the difference price of the machine, the seller, the seller, the seller and the seller, the invoice with 2006 price difference, the 6 is the purchase allowance for agricultural machinery, the machine distribution ceremony is held in Hangzhou county, the purchaser’s purchase information system is included in the information system of the purchase subsidy, the purchase number, the invoice number, the machine number, and the ID number. Machine and tool factory number and purchase invoice picture 7. The County Agricultural Machinery Bureau reviews the dealer’s input of purchase related information, verifies and confirms the purchase information, and prints the application form for subsidy for purchase of agricultural machinery, which is signed by the purchase farmers, and then verified and confirmed by the provincial and municipal agricultural machinery bureaus (verification period 10) 8. If the province The purchase situation of the municipal agricultural machinery bureau is verified to be true. The dealer submits the settlement application to the Provincial Bureau through the purchase subsidy information system and prints the settlement materials, subsidized machines and tools and subsidy standards () Types of machines and tools subsidized by the central financial fund the Ministry of agriculture determines the types of machines and tools subsidized by the central financial fund according to the needs of agricultural development and industrial policies, taking full account of the differences between provinces and regions, and the actual basis of Agricultural Mechanization: tillage machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, field management machinery, harvester machinery, harvest processing machinery, primary processing machinery of agricultural products, drainage and irrigation machinery, animal husbandry and aquaculture machinery The machines and tools of 12 categories, 48 categories and 175 items, such as power machinery, farmland capital construction machinery, facility agricultural equipment and other machines and tools, in addition to 12 categories, 48 categories and 175 items, shall be added with more than 30 items within 12 categories. The machines and tools shall be included in the scope of central fund subsidies. The self selected items must be filed with the Ministry of agriculture to clarify the reasons for subsidies, the number of manufacturers involved in each item, product model, average market sales price Subsidies, such as knapsack wheat combine harvester, belt pulley tractor, transportation machinery, loader, agricultural aircraft, internal combustion engine, fuel generator set, wind power equipment, hydraulic equipment, solar energy equipment, packaging machinery, traction machinery, Chinese fence, thermal insulation The Ministry of facility agriculture and civil engineering (referring to building greenhouse foundation and wall with soil, brick and tile, sand and stone, reinforced concrete and other building materials) and the corn grain combine harvester in Huang Huai Hai district are included in the scope of central fund subsidies. The walking tractor is only subsidized in the hilly and mountainous areas of the blood control area. The corn wheat two-purpose harvester is subsidized according to the separate corn header of the wheat combine harvester (II) In determining the subsidized machines and tools, all provinces shall, in combination with the actual situation of the province, determine the 175 items and select the agricultural products of the Ministry of agriculture The items of farmers’ demand shall be included in the types of machines and tools subsidized by the central government, and the machines and tools with low prices shall be included in the scope of subsidies. The competent department of agricultural mechanization at the county level shall arbitrarily reduce the types of subsidized machines and tools, and maintain the number of subsidized items within the province, so that the subsidized machines and tools must have been included in the catalogue of domestic support promotion or the catalogue of provincial support promotion (III) Subsidy standard the subsidy fund for the purchase of agricultural machinery from the central finance shall be subject to quota subsidy, that is, the unified subsidy standard shall be implemented within the same type and file of agricultural machinery in the province, and the high subsidy amount for general agricultural machinery products shall be determined by the Ministry of agriculture; The amount of subsidies for non general agricultural machinery products shall be determined by the provinces themselves, and the neighboring provinces shall strengthen communication Coordinate with each other to prevent the difference in the amount of subsidies for similar products. The amount of subsidies for each grade of agricultural machinery products shall be calculated according to 30% of the average sales price of over grade products in the province. The calculation proportion of the quota of subsidies for main crops in key schistosomiasis control areas, such as farming and crop protection, shall exceed 50%. All provinces shall distribute the table of subsidies for subsidized machines and tools to the public according to procedures and report it to the Ministry of agriculture For the record (see Annex 2 for the table of subsidy amount), the Ministry of Finance shall organize the investigation on the market sales of exhibition subsidy products, track the changes in the market, especially strengthen the supervision on the quality, use and service of newly added subsidy products, adjust the subsidy amount of machines and tools appropriately, and settle the subsidy amount according to the adjusted subsidy amount. The adjustment of subsidy amount shall be reported to the Ministry of agriculture The subsidy limit for general machines and tools recorded by the Ministry of Finance exceeds 50000 yuan; The subsidy limit for single milking machinery and dryer will be increased by 120000 yuan; The single machine subsidy limit of 100 horsepower tractor, high-performance green feed harvester, type no tillage planter, type combine harvester and rice seed soaking and germination program-controlled equipment was increased by 150000 yuan; The subsidy limit for single 200 HP tractor will be increased by 250000 yuan; The single machine subsidy limit of sugarcane harvester will be increased by 200000 yuan, and that of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will be increased by 250000 yuan; The subsidy limit for single machine of type a cotton picker will be i
ncreased by 300000 yuan, and that of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will be increased by 400000 yuan. Enterprises inside and outside the province are allowed to implement differential subsidies for similar products. The subsidies will be included in the scope of implementation and meet the subsidy conditions, such as farmers, herdsmen, fishermen, farm (forest farm) workers When the number of subsidies applied for by agricultural production and operation organizations engaged in agricultural machinery operations exceeds the planned indicators, they shall determine the subsidies in the form of public lottery and other farmers’ easy acceptance in accordance with the principle of fairness and fairness. For example, they have reported the waste agricultural machinery and take the disassembly and collection certificate to give priority to each agricultural, animal husbandry and fishermen The number of agricultural machines and tools purchased or the total amount of subsidy funds enjoyed by farm (forest farm) employees and each agricultural production and operation organization shall be limited. Specifically, each department shall determine the qualification conditions of dealers of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy products according to the actual situation The determination procedure shall be implemented in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the notice of the general office of the Ministry of agriculture on improving and standardizing the operation of subsidized products for the purchase of agricultural machinery (Nong ban Ji [2012] No. 19). For example, the autonomous machine selection and purchase within the province is allowed to select dealers to purchase machines across counties, and agricultural machinery enterprises are encouraged to adopt direct sales to directly distribute agricultural machinery products, reduce the purchase links, and realize the connection between supply and demand The subsidy fund cashing mode advocates that all pilot full price purchase, county-level settlement and direct supplementary card cashing modes have been implemented throughout the province. Provinces that have developed full price purchase, county-level settlement and direct supplementary card cashing modes in 2013 should continue to consolidate and improve the pilot provinces that have developed full price purchase, county-level settlement and direct supplementary card in ministries, cities and counties. In 2013, the pilot scope should continue to be expanded or the pilot provinces, autonomous regions Municipalities directly under the central government should choose the pilot of ministry, city and county exhibition in 2013; If the conditions are ripe, the pilot provinces and cities in the whole province will continue to pilot: in 2013, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Henan, Xinjiang, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of agricultural reclamation carried out the pilot work of scrapping and renewal subsidy for agricultural machinery in 2013. The types of machines and tools subsidized for the purchase of agricultural machinery in 2013 (12 categories, 48 categories and 175 items) 1. Tillage machinery 1.1.1 moldboard plow 1.1.2 overturning plow 1.1.3 disc plow 1.1.4 rotary cultivator 1.1.5 tillage machine (paddy field and dry field) 1.1.6 micro cultivator 1.1.7 garden management machine 1.1.8 ditch machine (device) 1.1.9 subsoiler 1.1.10 roller boat 1.1.11 tractor boat 1.1.12 combined machine 1.2 whole machine 1.2.1 nail rake 1.2.2 disc rake 1.2.3 rake drive 1.2.4 ridging machine 1.2.5 repressor 1.2.6 stubble remover 2. Planting and fertilization machinery 2.1 sowing machinery 2.1.1 drill seeder 2.1.2 hole seeder 2.1.3 special-shaped seed seeder 2.1.4 seed seeder 2.1.5 rhizome seed seeder 2.1.6 rice (flood and drought) Direct seeding machine 2.1.7 no tillage planter 2.1.8 drought resistant water seed machinery 2.1.9 rotary tillage planter 2.2 seedling raising machinery and equipment 2.2.1 seedling tray seeding sleeve equipment (including bed soil treatment) 2.2.2 seedling field planter 2.2.3 kinds of treatment equipment (picking, modulation, flotation, seed soaking, germination, awning, etc.) 2.2.4 nutrition bowl press 2.3 planting machinery 2.3.1 rape planter 2.3.2 rice transplanter 2.3.3 rice seedling transplanter 2.3.4 sugarcane planter 2.3.5 tree transplanter 2.3.6 sugar beet transplanter 2.4 fertilization machinery 2.4.1 fertilizer applicator (chemical fertilizer) 2.4.2 fertilizer spreader (stable manure) 2.4.3 topdressing machine (liquid fertilizer) 2.4.4 ploughing and fertilizing machine 2.4.5 fertilizer machine 2.5 film mechanical 2.5.1 film covering machine 2.5.2 residual film collection machine 2.6 edible fungus production machinery 3. field management machinery 3.1 tillage machinery 3.1.1 tillage machine 3.1.2 soil machine 3.1.3 weeding machine 3.1.4 burying vine machine 3.2 plant protection machinery 3.2.1 electric spray (including knapsack, portable) 3.2.2 machine spray duster. (including knapsack spray sprayer, knapsack sprayer, knapsack duster) 3.2.3 sprayer (including stretcher type, pusher type sprayer) 3.2.4 sprayer sprayer (including traction type, self propelled type, suspension type sprayer) 3.2.5 pneumatic spraying sprayer (including self propelled and traction air sprayer) 3.2.6 fogging machine (including warm fog machine, hot fog machine). 3.2.7 insect killing lamp (including moth killing lamp and insect trapping lamp) 3.3 pruning machine 3.3.1 tea tree pruning machine 3.3.2 tree pruning machine 3.3.3 Brush Cutter 4. Harvester 4.1 grain harvester 4.1.1 self-propelled wheel grain combine (full feeding) 4.1.2 self-propelled crawler grain combine (full feeding) 4.1.3 semi feeding combine harvester 4.1.4 special header for bean harvest 4.1.5 windrower 4.2 corn harvester 4.2.1 knapsack corn harvester 4.2.2 self-propelled corn harvester 4.2.3 self-propelled corn combine harvester (with threshing function) 4.2.4 corn harvester with ears and stems 4.2.5 corn header 4.3 cotton and hemp crop harvester 4.3.1 cotton harvester 4.3.2 hemp crop harvester 4.4 flowers (tea) Harvesting machinery 4.4.1 tea picker 4.4.2 hops harvester 4.5 grain crop harvester 4.5.1 rapeseed harvester 4.5.2 grass seed harvester 4.5.3 flower harvester 4.6 rhizome crop harvester 4.6.1 potato harvester 4.6.2 sugarcane harvester 4.6.3 sugarcane cutter and paver 4.6.4 sugarcane leaf peeler 4.6.5 sugar beet harvester 4.6.6 medicinal material excavator 4.7 feed crop harvest Machinery 4.7.1 green forage harvester 4.7.2 forage harvester 4.7.3 mower 4.7.4 rake 4.7.5 pickup baler 4.7.6 baler 4.7.7 forage wrapping machine 4.7.8 grass grabber 4.8 stalk collection and treatment machinery 4.8.1 straw crusher 4.8.2 high stalk crop mower 4.8.3 stalk collection (Collection) 5.9 vegetable harvester 4.9.1 vegetable harvester Harvesting and processing machinery 5.1 threshing machinery 5.1.1 rice and wheat thresher 5.1.2 corn thresher 5.2 cleaning machinery 5.2.1 grain cleaner 5.2.2 seed cleaner 5.2.3 field lifter 5.2.4 seed cotton cleaner 5.3 shelling (peeling) Machinery 5.3.1 corn peeler 5.3.2 flower sheller 5.3.3 dry sheller 5.4 drying machinery 5.4.1 grain dryer 5.4.2 kinds of dryer 5.4.3 rapeseed dryer 5.4.4 vegetable dryer 5.4.5 cocoon harvesting and drying machinery 5.4.6 hot blast stove 5.5 kinds of processing machinery 5.5.1 kinds of coating machine 5.6 storage machinery 5.6.1 simple fresh-keeping storage equipment 6. Primary processing machinery of agricultural products 6.1 rice milling machinery 6.1.1 rice milling machine 6.2 milling (pulp) machinery 6.2.1 milling machine 6.2.2 pulping machine 6.3 vegetable processing machinery 6.3.1 water grade machine 6.3.2 water waxing machine 6.3.3 vegetable cleaning machine 6.4 tea processing machinery 6.4.1 tea green killing machine 6.4.2

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