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Do you know the nature of this company? Is it a state-owned enterprise

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AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd

Hello, landlord! Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise. It is a large aerospace enterprise subordinate to China aerospace industry group.
Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. has achieved good benefits in recent years, good treatment and welfare. Specifically, it is a good large state-owned enterprise
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Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xi’an aircraft group) is a super large aviation industry enterprise integrating scientific research and production. It is the research and production base of large and medium-sized military and civilian aircraft in China and a national first-class enterprise. The company covers an area of more than 3 million square meters and has more than 20000 employees

since its establishment in 1958, especially since the reform and opening up, Xifei group has always adhered to the research and production of military and civil aircraft, sought development with scientific and technological progress, and vigorously developed non aviation products. Now it has formed a high-tech industrial group integrating aircraft, automobile, building materials, electronics and import and export trade

in the development of more than 40 years, Xichang group has developed and produced more than 20 types of military and civilian aircraft. Military aircraft mainly include “China Flying Leopard” and bombardment 6 series aircraft. Among them, 30 aircraft of five models participated in the military parade for the 50th anniversary of the national day. Civil aircraft mainly include yunqi series aircraft and Xinzhou 60 aircraft. Among them, Xinzhou 60 aircraft is the first aircraft designed, produced and flight tested in strict accordance with ccar25, which is in line with international standards. It has reached or approached the level of similar advanced regional airliners in the contemporary world in terms of safety, reliability, comfort, economy and maintenance. In 1980, Xi’an Airlines Group took the lead in going abroad and cooperated with world-famous airlines such as the United States, Canada, Italy, France and Germany in the production of aviation products. The foreign aviation parts produced by Xi’an Airlines Group mainly include Boeing 737-700 vertical tail and 747 assembly, Air France passenger door and wing box, CAAC cl415 assembly, Italian Airlines atr72 aircraft section 16, etc. Non aviation and civil products mainly include “Xiwo brand” luxury bus, “Xifei brand” aluminum profile, metal hanging plate, aluminum door and window series products, VCM plastic clad plate, frequency conversion fuzzy controller, dense bookshelf, antistatic floor, etc

Xi’an Aircraft International Aviation Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Xi’an Aircraft International) is a listed company, Xi’an Xiwo Bus Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture, Xi’an Aircraft Industry Aluminum Co., Ltd. (Xi’an aircraft aluminum), Xi’an Aircraft Industry Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (Xi’an Aircraft decoration) Shaanxi Xiqing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary, with more than 30 other wholly-owned or joint-stock subsidiaries, branches and joint-stock cooperative enterprises, and has a group finance company and a group import and export company

adhering to the development strategy of “aircraft oriented, diversified, high-tech and export-oriented” and the quality policy of “customer first, people-oriented, system management and continuous improvement”, Xi’an Airlines Group has continuously deepened reform, strengthened management, accelerated development, cooperated with domestic and foreign partners and all sectors of society to create excellence, and strive to become a domestic and world-famous modern aviation enterprise group

Xifei international should be regarded as a subsidiary of AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd

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listed company

Xifei international, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, code 000768 ‎

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