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Do you need import tariff certificate for imported flour

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If necessary, which company can act as an agent

customs declaration process:
submission of documents
1. Customs declaration form of import and export goods. General imported goods shall be filled in duplicate; For goods that need to be written off by the customs, such as processing trade goods and bonded goods, three copies of special declaration form shall be filled in; If domestic tax refund is required after the goods are exported, another special customs declaration form for tax refund shall be filled in
2. Goods invoice. The number of copies is required to be one less than that of the customs declaration form. For the export of goods entrusted to foreign sales, the settlement method is to settle foreign exchange with the export unit according to the actual sales amount after the sale of goods, which can be exempted during export customs declaration
3. Land waybill, air waybill, bill of lading for sea import and shipping order for sea export. After reviewing the documents and inspecting the goods, the customs shall sign and seal on the original waybill and return the customs declaration form, by which the goods can be picked up or shipped
4. Cargo packing list. The number of copies is the same as that of the invoice. However, bulk goods or single variety of packaged goods with consistent packaging contents may be exempted from delivery
5. Export collection write off doc. When all export goods are declared, the verification form of export foreign exchange collection stamped with the seal of “supervision of foreign exchange collection” by the foreign exchange administration department shall be submitted for inspection, and the verification number shall be filled in the upper right corner of each export declaration form
6. If necessary, the customs shall also submit the trade contract, certificate of origin, etc
7. Other relevant documents
1 For goods approved by the Customs for tax reduction or exemption, a tax reduction or exemption certificate signed and sealed by the customs shall be submitted. Foreign funded enterprises in Beijing need to submit a separate list of imported equipment approved and issued by the Customs for inspection
  2. Goods imported and exported under processing trade contracts that have been filed with the customs shall be submitted to the “Registration Manual” issued by the Customs for inspection
after the consignor declaring
export goods has prepared the export goods on time, according to the quality and quantity according to the provisions of the export contract, he shall go through the formalities of chartering and booking space with the transportation company, prepare to go through the customs declaration formalities with the customs, or entrust a professional (agent) customs declaration company to go through the customs declaration formalities
enterprises that need to entrust professional or agent customs declaration enterprises to go through the declaration formalities with the customs should go through the entrusted declaration formalities with professional or agent customs declaration enterprises near the export port before the goods are exported. The entrusted professional customs declaration enterprise or agent customs declaration enterprise shall collect the formal customs declaration power of attorney from the entrusting unit, and the customs declaration power of attorney shall be subject to the format required by the customs
preparing the documents for customs declaration is the basis for ensuring the smooth customs clearance of export goods. In general, the documents required for customs declaration, in addition to the export goods declaration form, mainly include: Consignment Note (i.e. unloading paper), one invoice, one trade contract, export foreign exchange collection verification form and various certificates involved in customs supervision conditions
problems needing attention in declaration: time limit for customs declaration: the time limit for customs declaration refers to the time limit stipulated by law for the consignor or his agent to declare to the Customs after the goods are transported to the port. The time limit for customs declaration of export goods is 24 hours before loading. For goods that do not need to be taxed or inspected, the customs clearance procedures shall be completed within 1 day from the date of receiving the declaration
inspection refers to a supervision method by which the customs determines whether the contents of the declaration documents are consistent with the actual import and export goods through the actual verification of the export goods on the basis of the declaration units that have accepted the declaration of the customs declaration units and have been reviewed
  1. Check the actual goods and customs declaration documents to verify whether the declared contents in the declaration link are consistent with the verified documents and goods. Through the actual inspection, it is found whether there are problems such as concealment, false declaration and false declaration that cannot be found in the declaration review link
  2. Through inspection, we can verify the doubts raised in the process of declaration and examination, and provide a reliable regulatory basis for taxation, statistics and subsequent management. The customs shall fill in a copy of the goods inspection record after inspection
the inspection records generally include the inspection time and place, the name of the consignee or consignor of import and export goods or its agent, the declared goods, the inspection of the transportation packaging of the goods (such as the name of the means of transport, container number, size and seal number), the name, specification and model number of the goods, etc. For the goods to be inspected, an inspection notice shall be issued within 1 day from the date of receiving the declaration, and the inspection shall be completed within 1 day from the date of meeting the conditions for customs inspection. In addition to paying taxes, the customs clearance procedures shall be completed within 4 hours after the completion of the inspection
according to the relevant provisions of the Customs Law, import and export goods shall be subject to customs duties unless otherwise stipulated by the state. Customs duties shall be levied by the customs in accordance with the customs import and export tariff. For goods subject to tax, a tax form shall be issued within 1 day after receiving the declaration, and the customs clearance formalities shall be completed within 2 hours after paying the tax form
1. For general export goods, after the consignor or his agent truthfully declares to the customs and pays all the taxes and relevant fees payable, the customs stamps the “customs release seal” on the export shipping order. The consignor of export goods can ship the goods out of the country
2. Customs clearance of export goods: the consignor of goods applying for customs clearance shall declare to the Customs for customs clearance within three days from the date of customs clearance, and the goods can be transported out of the place under customs supervision only after being approved by the customs
3. Issue the export tax rebate declaration form: after the customs releases it, affix the “inspection seal” on the light yellow special declaration form for export tax rebate and the signature and seal of the person in charge of customs examination and approval of export tax rebate who has been filed with the tax authorities, and return it to the customs declaration unit. The most important point in document operation is to fill in the export declaration form correctly. The relevant contents of the customs declaration form must be consistent with the contents of the manifest transmitted by the shipping company to the customs in order to successfully write off the tax refund
after the customs accepts the declaration and releases it, if some goods cannot be loaded on
the originally declared means of transport due to the stowage of the means of transport and other reasons, the consignor of export goods shall timely submit the application form for change of export goods declaration form and the corrected copy of packing list invoice and bill of lading to the Customs for correction, so that the contents on the declaration form can be consistent with those on the manifest.

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only China national grain, oil and food import and export corporation can import grain, which belongs to state-owned trade.

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