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Does anyone know what “package news” is? thank you!

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wrapped live broadcast, as the name suggests, is to combine different report types and TV elements into a live news program. In the United States, this kind of package live news accounts for about a quarter of the whole program
for example, a live report on the discovery of pollutants in a famous scenic spot in Washington broadcast by Fox 5 news. The broadcast time was 8 p.m. and the live reporter reported in front of the dark background in front of the Washington monument that “we have found two possible sources of pollution, one near the Washington Monument and the other near the World War II monument”. However, the next picture cuts into the scene of people playing ball near the Washington Monument during the day. The voice over said, “these people are playing near the Washington Monument. Before starting any project, we should make an in-depth investigation to ensure that our health will not be harmed…” it is obvious that this report accommodates a detailed investigation of pollution during the day
in the live coverage of events, “wrapped” is widely used. For example, one of their local TV news programs was broadcast at 6 p.m., but a fire occurred during the day, but they would let reporters appear on the scene of the fire in the live news broadcast, and the subsequent interviews and pictures were edited during the day, even charts and stunts
while watching these newsreels, we were puzzled at the beginning of this wrapped live coverage and questioned that it was the boring style of “extravagance” of the rich in the American media. However, after repeated comparative research, we find that such a “package” not only highlights the effect of live broadcasting, but also makes the news more exquisite and in-depth, and the TV elements are more fully and comprehensively displayed, which also completes the construction of the news agenda.

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