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Does the latest law stipulate that exaggerating the efficacy on the packaging of powder products will be punished

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this must be punished. Don’t you look at the new regulations of the food law

vermicelli, also known as vermicelli, are filamentous or strip dried starch products processed from sweet potato and potato raw materials
it is produced in all parts of China and is grayish white, yellow or yellowish brown. According to the shape, it can be divided into round vermicelli, fine vermicelli and wide vermicelli
it tastes smooth and tough
Introduction to vermicelli
vermicelli are filamentous or strip dried starch products made from beans, potatoes and cereals. According to the shape, vermicelli can be divided into round vermicelli and wide vermicelli
features: potato vermicelli, white in color, thin and rich in nutrients. Suitable for cooking, frying and cold dishes
process flow: material selection and powder extraction → batching and thickening → adding alum and noodles → boiling water leakage → cold bath and drying → baling and packaging
sweet potato vermicelli, gray, yellow and black, wide and thin, rich in nutrition, like sweet potato, is an anti-cancer food. Suitable for boiling, frying and cold mixing. Sweet potato vermicelli – wide vermicelli
potato vermicelli is white, thin and rich in nutrients. Suitable for cooking, frying and cold dishes
is the whiter the vermicelli, the better
the color of normal vermicelli and vermicelli is slightly yellow, close to the primary color of starch
it is better not to buy vermicelli vermicelli with particularly bright color, white color or black hair
is the noodles cooked darker and better in quality

the surface color of ordinary vermicelli is not correct, even too flirtatious and unnatural. In theory, there is a problem with such vermicelli. The reason why the color of sweet potato vermicelli is brown is very simple. For example, fresh sweet potato and apple are white after being scratched with a knife, and then oxidized to brown after being put in the air for a while, This is also the reason for the color change of sweet potato vermicelli. Under normal circumstances, the vermicelli will gradually turn white after cooking, just like the discolored Apple bleached with boiling water and its color will recover. The vermicelli that does not change color after cooking for 2 hours may have potential safety hazards
why can’t some noodles be boiled for a long time? Is it true that the more durable the noodles are, the better the quality will be
in fact, normal high-quality noodles are not generally believed that the better the cooking resistance, the better the quality. Everything has its rules and limits. Under normal circumstances, the cooking resistance of the same variety of noodles is only directly related to the gelatinization, thickness or thickness of starch. In order to meet people’s understanding that cooking resistance is a good noodle, ordinary noodles or noodles made of low-quality starch, Borax (easy to cause kidney disease), alum (easy to kill brain cells and cause stupidity), glue and even industrial plastics (such as PE and PVC) are commonly used to improve the boiling resistance and strength of noodles. There is a jargon in the vermicelli industry that no alum can not become vermicelli, which is roughly for this reason
generally, sweet potato noodles should be boiled in boiling water for 15 to 30 minutes, and the thicker ones can last up to 40 minutes. If you continue to cook, there will be local expansion and broken strips and improvement of water-soluble solids due to the increase of water absorption and the decline of taste strength of the noodles. If you continue to cook, the noodles will become small short joints, and finally appear the phenomenon of mild paste soup due to the high-temperature dissolution of soluble starch. If you cook the noodles for one or two hours, they will not expand continuously, If alum and other additives are added, there will be potential quality hazards.

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