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Drug packaging machine

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packaging machinery belonging to high-tech, high , high– procts to compete, the outcome will be high-tech procts in the packaging machinery . Carton packaging machinery can be divided into origami, the next paper, board push drugs, open the carton, carton , folding tongue, the tongue inserted, to fight mild pressure batch functions.
The main design elements designed for the cartoning machine device design, drug design board cartoning. Completed the major work are as follows:
1. Summary of the drug process of cartoning machines, status and strategy.
2. To determine the overall program, packaging , the movement of materials using a of vertical and square
Type, thereby recing the size of the machine.
3. The design of the carton on the material to make use of negative pressure suction cup on the carton to be separated from , sucker by cam
Agency-driven, up and down movement.
4. The design of the drug on-board material bodies, round bodies through the trough of drug-driven belt conveyor plate.
5. Cartoning designed , will be drug boards into carton and at the same time the of the folding carton sealing.
Give full to the design of dynamic analysis, to enable a smooth running machine. Design process with reference to various types of packaging machinery design strengths, while drawing on the merits of other cartoning machine completed the design of drugs. Packaging capacity of this machine is 50 ~ 120 boxes /min.
This machine has a higher overall cost-effective, with strong and good prospects for .

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