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Explain the unit abbreviation in the shipping package

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the meaning of unit abbreviation in freight packaging:

1, CTNS carton

2, wood cases

3, PLTs tray

4, sets set

5, Pkgs package

6, PCS pieces, pieces, pieces

7, pieces, pieces, pieces

8, bales bundle

9, BDLS bundle, batch

10, boxes box box

11, bundles & nbsp; Bundles, a batch of

12, C /s cartons

13, cans cans

14, casks barrels

15, cntrs containers

16, CRTs crates

17, dozen a dozen

extended data:

abbreviations of common trade terms:

G.W. (gross weight), N.W. (net weight), WT (weight), P /L (packing list) packing list, C.O (of origin) General Certificate of origin Min (minimum), minimum, C /D (customs) declaration form

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Abbreviations of common trade terms

is the unit of impact velocity: how many g-values per second
ISTA transport packaging certification test:
ISTA (safe transit), namely the International Association for safe transport, is an international non-profit organization. Its predecessor is NSTA – National Association for safe transport of the United States. At present, there are hundreds of well-known freight companies and laboratories with members all over the world. It has been committed to assisting members to develop effective packaging, methods and logistics systems to improve the safety performance of product transportation and packaging, so as to prevent or reduce the losses encountered in the transportation and handling of products. The organization has issued a series of standards, test procedures and test items as a unified basis for evaluating the safety performance of transportation packaging. TTS has obtained the certification of ISTA, can provide a series of transportation packaging test and quality evaluation services, and can issue the official packaging and transportation test report approved by ISTA. When your packaging design passes the ISTA test, you can be sure that the packaging can effectively protect the products under the continuous transportation environment and will not be endangered by foreseeable factors. ISTA transportation test provides you with the following practical benefits:
(1) reduce product damage and loss to ensure product value
(2) save distribution costs<(3) claim reduction and dispute elimination
(4) shorten the time of packaging development and enhance the confidence of market launch
(5) improve customer satisfaction and market share of products
a series of: completely non simulated transportation tests: including ista1a, 1b, 1C, 1D, 1e, 1g and 1H
Series II: some simulated transportation tests: including ista2a, 2C, 2D, 2e and 2F
three series: fully simulated transportation test: including ista3a, 3b, 3e, 3F and 3H
six series: FedEx FedEx test: including ista6a and ista6b
the test items include environmental pretreatment, pressure, drop, constant frequency vibration, stacking vibration, random vibration, horizontal extrusion, inclined plane impact, rotary drop, etc.

1. CTNS = cartons, carton
2 Wooden case
3 PLTs = pallets, pallet
4 Set, set (generally refers to bulk, unpackaged)
5 Pkgs = packages, package (package type is uncertain)
6 PCs = pieces, pieces (generally in bulk, without packaging)
7 It should be pieces, ibid.
8 Package
9 BDLS = bundles, bundles
10 Box
11 Bale
12 C /S = case, case
13 Tank
14 Barrel
15 Cntrs =, container
16 CRTs = crates, basket
17 Dozen (= 12 pieces, usually in bulk, without packaging)

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