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Food packaging materials should be safe and non-toxic. What characteristics should safe packaging materials meet?

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1. Packaging materials should adapt to the characteristics of food

the basic function of packaging is to protect food. Therefore, food packaging must select packaging materials and methods according to the characteristics of different foods, so that the packaging can fully meet the requirements of food physical and chemical properties and biological properties. If it is hygienic and safe, the packaging materials used shall not cause any pollution to the inner food, and shall not produce substances toxic and harmful to human body; Good barrier, such as moisture, water and light. However, different foods have different requirements for their packaging barrier. For example, oil food requires high oxygen resistance and oil resistance; Dry food requires high moisture resistance; Aromatic foods seek high odor resistance; Fresh fruits and vegetables require certain permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor

2. Packaging materials should have good processability

from the perspective of food packaging container production and printing, packaging materials should be able to process into various forms of containers according to the requirements of packaging design, adapt to large-scale production and mechanized and automatic operation, and have good printability and firmness

3. Packaging materials should comply with green environmental protection

from the perspective of environmental protection, packaging materials and containers are required to respond to environmental safety in addition to food and consumer health and safety, that is, packaging materials and containers will not pollute the environment during production, use and after abandonment, which is in line with the sustainable development strategy and requires energy conservation, low consumption, pollution prevention Recyclable, waste can be safely degraded, etc. This is an issue of general concern all over the world, and it is also a new topic of packaging research

4. The packaging shall adapt to the conditions of food storage and transportation

during the circulation of food, it is easy to be affected by vibration, impact, heavy pressure, friction, high temperature, low temperature and other factors. It is required that the food packaging has certain mechanical strength, firmness and durability, and has certain elasticity or buffer function, so as to reduce the deformation and damage of the packaging and avoid damage to the food; In terms of package size, specification and shape, it should be convenient for handling and stacking, which can improve the efficiency of loading, unloading and handling

5. Packaging should be standardized and generalized

food packaging must be standardized, that is, the capacity (weight) of food packaging, packaging materials, structural modeling, specifications and dimensions, printing marks, terminology, packaging methods, etc. should be uniformly specified, and gradually form serialization and generalization, so as to facilitate the production of packaging containers, improve packaging production efficiency and simplify the specifications of packaging containers, It saves raw materials, reduces costs, is easy to identify and measure, and is conducive to ensuring packaging quality and food safety. The implementation of food packaging standardization is also conducive to the coordination and package of internal and external packaging, the stacking of food in transportation tools and warehouses, and the stability of goods stacking and the utilization rate of transportation tools and warehouse volume

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