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Food regulatory authorities require safety supervision of food packaging materials

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in accordance with the spirit of the notice of the general office of the State Council on conscientiously implementing the food safety law (GBF [2009] No. 25), seriously organize the study of the food safety law, and under the leadership of local governments, in accordance with the food safety law, the law on the quality and safety of agricultural products, the frontier health and Quarantine Law, the division of functions of departments determined by the State Council and relevant departmental rules, Further clarify the responsibilities of various regulatory departments, strengthen communication and cooperation, and perform the responsibilities of food safety supervision according to law
  (4) Regulate the production behavior of food related products enterprises. All relevant departments shall urge the production units of food related products, especially food containers and packaging materials, to organize production in accordance with the relevant provisions of the current national standards on food safety and carry out self inspection and cleaning. All production units shall complete self inspection and cleaning up before June 1, 2010, and apply to the Ministry of health for approval of food related products and new varieties not listed in the national food safety standards in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures. All relevant departments shall severely crack down on the illegal use of toxic and harmful raw materials to produce food containers and packaging materials. All relevant industry associations shall strengthen self-discipline, guidance and communication, and organize enterprises in their own industry to carry out self-examination and clean-up. All relevant regulatory departments should actively guide, supervise and help
recently, AQSIQ issued the regulations on the inspection and supervision of containers and packaging materials of imported and exported food, which will implement safety and health inspection and Quarantine on the inner packaging, sales packaging, transportation packaging and packaging materials of imported and exported food that come into contact with food or are expected to come into contact with food from August 1
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