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From “the first half of my life” to “captain of China”, how is Yuan Quan, who has outstanding acting skills, now?

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how many people’s love is separated – compound learning will carry on the love to the end

Yuan Quan gave Xia Yu a chance, and Xia Yu finally learned to distinguish happiness

with the excellent acting skills of the purser in the Chinese captain, Yuan Quan once again made netizens praise her superb acting skills. She showed the details of a purser who did not mess in the face of danger, which won the praise of many people

Yuan Quan has never let the audience down, from Tang Jing, who is able to handle things easily in the first half of my life, to the steward who is fearless in the face of danger in captain China

because of her excellent acting skills, she also won the Hundred Flowers Award for “best supporting actress”

Yuan Quan’s acting skills have always been commendable since his debut, and many directors praised his excellent acting skills. However, Yuan Quan, who is indifferent to fame and wealth, may be due to his nature. At the time of his popularity, he gave up his great future and moved to the drama circle

in the eyes of many people, being popular in the entertainment industry is a very profitable thing, but Yuan Quan, who is popular, is extremely low-key

this is probably the only actress in the entertainment industry who doesn’t want to be popular

compared with his wife, Xia Yu’s husband is no longer as well-known as Yuan Quan. But it didn’t affect the relationship between the two husband and wife

some netizens photographed that at the end of 19, the two had dinner with friends. Xia Yu performed at the dinner table. Yuan Quan sitting next to him couldn’t hide his admiration even laughing

the two met in college, and the love between the elder and the younger sister also indicates the beginning of this. When Yuan Quan was injured in filming, Xia Yu took the initiative to take care of Yuan Quan and took good care of the injured girl

but love is never easy. Only after a lot of training can we know who is the love of life

Xia Yu of the youth, when he didn’t know what love was, and when he fell in love with Yuan Quan, he fell in love because of the play. It led to the breakup of the relationship

love is your pocket or yours, not yours. Even if you hold it again, it will only increase sadness

obviously, their true love is that Yuan Quan and Xia Yu are together. Soon they got back together and never left each other again

there is no luxurious wedding and no enviable proposal bridge. This marriage is even married. After marriage, the two people gradually fade out of the entertainment industry and gave birth to their daughter the next year. In Xia Yu’s words, “green mountains do not change, green water flows forever.”

in “the beginning”, Xia Yu said: “if you chose this person, do you want to keep going with her? If so, I think no matter what difficulties I encounter, I think transposition thinking can be overcome.”

in the Luyu program, Yuan Quan also said: “my relationship with Xia Yu lies in persistence.”

in fact, the road of love is often not so smooth. Some people will have a bright answer if they stick to it again

I still think you’re good

standing in front of the magnificent castle, Feng Delun suddenly said to Shu Qi, “why don’t we get married?” Shu Qi said with a smile, “OK.”

for 20 years, no one can escape the law of truth. Like many star couples, Shu Qi and Feng Delun got to know each other from filming

but turning around is the most common thing in love. Reality is far more wonderful than novels. After turning around, Shu Qi has dawn and Feng Delun has Mo Wenwei. I thought that the two people who have been assigned to Yang Biao since then will meet again many years later. Compared with the trembling of their debut last time, this time they are really much more calm and open this relationship generously

in the past 16 years, they turned their hard-earned encounter of more than 20 years into love and painted a perfect mark on this encounter

many passers-by are not optimistic about the sudden wedding, and the groundless gossip is rising day by day, but both of them are too lazy to pay attention to the boring news

Shu Qi knows a little about her love for cats and her friends who pay attention to her. On her social platform, most of them are the cats at home. Feng Delun often shows Shu Qi’s cat

other stars are showing their love, but Shu Qi and Feng Delun have created a new realm of showing their love. They show cats

in this busy world, if you can directly say “I miss you”, you won’t say “flowers bloom on the street, but return slowly.” But Shu Qi and Feng Delun are willing to place this thought on the cat all the time to express their feelings of missing each other

they are like the widely circulated message of bamboo horse and green plum in those years: if you don’t marry and I don’t marry in ten years, we can be together

The difference is that they spent 20 years to witness this love

you see, in the era of the prevalence of older unmarried people, Shu Qi used persistence to find love for herself. When love comes, you will find it with you

Zhou Xun finally met Gao Shengyuan in the journey of life. Chen Jon fell in love, and Lin Xinru married Huo Jianhua, a good friend for many years

don’t worry, take your time. Your love will be late, but you won’t be absent

love, sometimes it needs to stick to it again

if you still love, please hold on. After all, the sky is cloudless after the storm. How can there be so many scenes of love at first sight? It’s just that when you look back in a detour and find that each other is still in place, give yourself and each other another chance

in the previous three years, I still failed to give myself and the other party a chance after all. I didn’t stick to it for a while. After all, I was replaced by others. I was in a trance only when I had the current position in both of them. It was too late

after the film was released at that time, many people left tears in the cinema. The film is the epitome of life, depicting the real subject matter through the film

there is a line in the movie: “if you feel you can’t go back, let go. If you can’t give up, tell her.”

is it difficult to tell him /her


for that so-called self-esteem, he personally buried this love in the vast world

it may be really difficult to stick to it again

but maybe holding on a little longer will be a surprise

Yuan Quan has now shifted the focus of his career to drama actors. In “the first half of my life” and “captain of China”, we can learn that Yuan Quan is an excellent but low-key actor. When she became famous, she didn’t choose marketing to build momentum, but took part in the drama more calmly and low-key, which is really admirable.

now I have a very happy family, and then I have made great achievements in my career. At the same time, my acting skills have also been recognized by many people.

now I have a successful career, have my own warm and sweet family and live a happy life.

her popularity has risen. Yuan Quan’s appearance itself is quite atmospheric, and her acting skills are outstanding. This TV play and film has a huge amount of topics and hot spots, which won her higher praise.

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