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How about a small ball, please? Did it work?

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it’s called husky, hehe
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Introduction to husky
a girl who is not good at words draws herself, and we can express ourselves with these paintings. Everyone is a husky, thinking of twisting two noodle like arms and doing all kinds of lovely actions
on QQ and MSN that accompany us every day, We want to do actions with each other across the Internet, such as wiping sweat, falling, running with tears… To express all kinds of emotions. But typing alone is far from enough to convey these actions. At this time, an expression can happily convey our meaning. The body language of animation plays an unexpected effect at this time
[husky expression]
husky expression

recently, the most popular MSN expression is husky, that is, the rabbit with long and thin ears, a dead strange face and turning two noodle like arms
the creator of tusky is Wang Maomao, a little girl who graduated from the animation department of Beijing Guangyuan. She is usually silent. When she is excited in life, she always wants to express her ideas with exaggerated actions, but she is embarrassed to do so, so she painted these actions as this rabbit. Later, the rabbit was passed around on the Internet. Everyone used the rabbit to express their exaggerated actions, which Wang Maomao didn’t expect
author Mao Mao
[rabbit sky Latin dance]
rabbit sky Latin dance
Wang Mao Mao (Momo)
birth: 85.12.3
Constellation: Sagittarius
blood type: a
height: 1.71
School: graduated from animation department of Beijing Broadcasting Institute in grade 04
hate: radish, cabbage and sweet things
like: painting, distraction and folding pianos
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interview report
1 Bunsky lying in the back of the six degree theory: Shang Jin
150 million and 20 million, which are the total number of active registered users of Tencent QQ and Microsoft MSN. As the two most used instant messaging software on the Internet in China, QQ and MSN have already formed China’s unique network culture. In addition to the official images of QQ penguin and MSN faceless villain, husky became popular in an explosive way in early 2007. When communicating with each other, everyone directly quoted various expressions of husky to express their network feelings. This comic image promotion has already had a catalytic relationship with the network. Stanley Milgram, an American psychologist in the 1960s, described the six degree theory of connecting the Internet between people and communities, which can be applied to husky. There is no need to form an interpersonal communication cycle between every six people. On the Chinese Internet, an average of 4.8 people can realize an exchange turnover on instant messaging software, At the beginning of 2007, the most popular rabbit base on the Internet is a typical living model, and where does rabbit base come from? To this end, we found Wang Maomao, who is still a junior at Communication University of China. This 21-year-old girl is precisely the creator of the image of husky
Sanlian Life Weekly: Why did you want to design the image of husky at first? Have you been affected before
Wang Maomao: when I was a child, my friends and classmates around me called me “rabbit”, which is said to be similar in shape and spirit. Later, I went to college to write a blog and chose the way of painting to record my life. In fact, the rabbit I painted at first was myself. It was a record of interesting and interesting things I met in real life. Later, the rabbit image in the picture diary became more and more abundant, and gradually had its own character, which was similar to me in reality, but not exactly the same. So, I slowly regard it as an independent individual, give him more and more things of his own, and express his joys and sorrows through all kinds of body language. He is bunsky
Sanlian Life Weekly: many people think that after China’s animation from old-fashioned film production, after more than ten years of transition without obvious works, many animation images have been born on the Internet overnight. The unique communication mechanism of the network has created this opportunity. Do you think
Wang Maomao: indeed. In the past, the animations shown on the screen were deep houses and courtyards, and the threshold was not something that ordinary people could step into. Too many people who are full of emotion for animation can only be an audience for a lifetime. The Internet gives everyone a voice and the opportunity to make their works public. The good things in the network will be spread rapidly immediately and get unexpected popularity in a very short time. This is how husky was inadvertently spread by friends on the Internet
Sanlian Life Weekly: we have noticed that the image dissemination and operation of husky have a very good track, including the emergence of the mechanism of design company and the emergence of husky poster and Postcard business on the Internet. What do you want to do in the end? Was it originally for commercial purposes
Wang Maomao: at first, Husky’s creation was only for his own hobby, without any commercial purpose. Later, the derivatives such as posters and postcards were only made out of interest. At first, they were private gifts to friends. However, it is precisely because these works have received unexpected recognition that we see the market potential of husky. After that, we injected some commercial operation mechanisms to better protect and promote husky
Sanlian Life Weekly: in addition to fun, it seems that we can’t find a deeper connotation in the new animation boom driven by the Internet. In addition to the game mentality and superficial mischief, we lack the story and the in-depth thoughts you want to express
Wang Maomao: on the Internet, news is so easy and rich that every new work (whether text, picture or video) is difficult to attract readers’ attention for a long time. Works that cannot move people at the first time will almost never lose the opportunity to be understood and even paid attention to. I think the rabbit sky, which is simple, jumping but with some personality, was discovered and recognized by everyone under such an environment. In my understanding, whether a cartoon image has connotation and “in-depth ideas” to express is not necessarily based on complex and tortuous stories. Even a very simple expression and action can reveal the character’s feelings, character and so on. I think we haven’t reached the height that we can challenge a mature animation industry. In contrast, husky seems to have more opportunities in animation products and derivatives, which may break the long-term institutional addiction of China’s animation industry
Sanlian Life Weekly: at present, our life seems to be full of all kinds of cartoon images, which is almost in flood. Onion was still popular on MSN last year, and now it has become rabbit sky overnight. Do you think about next year? Husky was drowned by something else
Wang Maomao: many cartoon images that were once popular on the Internet soon declined. On the one hand, I think it is because the enthusiasm and Inspiration of the creator can not be kept fresh, which leads to the suspension of updating or the decline of quality, which disappoints readers; On the other hand, there are new, better or in line with the pulse of the times, which has won the love of online readers who like the new and hate the old in the Internet age. I am still confident that at least next year, I will continue to draw and constantly improve the creative level of rabbit sky series works. I really can’t predict whether husky will be submerged in the new tide of online animation. The Internet cartoon image is producing high-quality products at any time, which can only inspire me to surpass myself
2. Sunday morning news (hereinafter referred to as Sunday): when we called your agent, he said that you were extremely speechless, so you had to be interviewed by email. I’m curious. How did a quiet little girl
draw so many interesting rabbits? Introduce yourself. Life, painting, playing, eating, blogging, reading and watching other people’s paintings
Wang Maomao: I like akiyu tanima’s multiple personality detective and works with unique expression methods and profound themes. It seems that there is no time to calm down and read pure literature. When you are free, just look at trend magazines, such as milk. The most recent movie is the perfume killer. I’m really not good at words and can draw a lot of stories because some things that can’t be expressed in words need to be told with a brush. Life is very simple, which has been summarized by you. Apart from the basic life of an ordinary student, I spend most of my time painting
Sunday: why is tusky called tusky? Husky reminds me of the Soviet people and the spoof film “separation in October” made by CCTV host “Cui yongyuanfsky”. Is there any story about the origin of this name
Wang Maomao: when I was a child, I liked a short story called “please spell my name with” s “. The protagonist changed the” Z “in the name to” s “in the story, and great changes have taken place in his fate since then. Because of this story, I have a feeling for the suffix of the name “skey”, so my rabbit is called Tuzki
Sunday: Why did you draw rabbits? Don’t draw other small animals? Can you tell us the history of the birth of husky
Wang Maomao: when I was a child, my friends and classmates around me called me “rabbit”. It is said that it is similar in shape and spirit. I like this lovely nickname myself. After I went to college, I opened a blog and chose the form of painting to record my life. At first, the rabbit I drew was myself, recording the interesting, feeling and fun things I met in real life. Later, the image of the rabbit in the picture diary became richer and richer, and gradually had its own character, which was similar to me in reality, but not exactly the same. Therefore, I slowly regard it as an independent individual, endow it with more and more things of its own, and express its joys, sorrows and joys through all kinds of body language
Sunday: where did harsky’s movements come from? How do you think of, record and express these body language
Wang Maomao: Rabbit’s creative ideas come from life. In fact, every person, every day, will encounter a lot of things, will be touched, have feelings. But most of the time, these mood waves are inadvertently forgotten by us. I chose painting. For me, painting is no different from diary in life. Pick up the pen and pour out yesterday’s things to dry; So I have the opportunity to get rid of impulse and confusion and record those things that are really worth thinking and remembering. I really want to use those exaggerated and funny actions to express my emotions at that time when I encounter something, but in real life, I’m sorry to do that. So I drew these actions on husky, and he did them for me
Sunday: we noticed that many of China’s previous animation comics were specific and detailed, but

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