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How about foreign trade of packing bags

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the packing bag is still very popular in foreign countries. Before contact with a customer who makes packing bags, he can place a lot of orders every month, and the customer has a great chance of returning the order

the foreign trade volume of packaging and printing is very large. As for how to do foreign trade, it depends on the specific type of printing. For example, ordinary PP, PVC and UV four-color printed portable packaging bags are very good in our Yiwu market. Foreigners will go to the market to find their favorite packaging style. In addition, many foreigners purchase products and packaging separately. You can find some foreign trade companies opened by foreigners for direct communication. If you are satisfied, you may place an order on the spot. Our company is engaged in UV three-dimensional printing, so the business of three-dimensional packaging is also a direction we want to carry out. Moreover, this area is developing rapidly in China. For example, Wuliangye and Langjiu have products with three-dimensional packaging. Our company has also made three-dimensional packaging for some well-known enterprises, such as Langsha and Guanshengyuan. I also want to learn how to do foreign trade. ha-ha

small profits but quick turnover. Foreign trade has something to do with products, but it has more to do with methods. No matter what product, as long as you find the right method, professional + strength, you don’t have to worry about nothing.

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