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How about Zhengzhou Xianghui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: – a leading supplier of automatic packaging, weighing and labeling! Zhengzhou Xianghui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. products include: automatic fresh-keeping film packaging machine, automatic vegetable tray packaging machine, electronic platform scale, automatic weighing and labeling machine, machine fresh-keeping film, automatic weight checking scale, explosion-proof weighing module, dry powder mortar packaging machine, explosion-proof filling machine and other products. Xianghui solutions have been mature and applied to food processing, organic agriculture, chemical pharmacy, supermarket chain, logistics distribution and other industries. Xianghui electronics continuously introduces the world’s advanced automatic packaging and weighing control technology, and provides industry solutions suitable for customers’ needs according to years of customer implementation experience! We will always focus on customer needs, actively absorb customer suggestions, and strive to make products in ease of use, practicality, advanced and other aspects of breakthroughs. Adhere to the principles of innovation, openness and sharing, actively respond to customer needs and create customer best practices
legal representative: Li Zhihui
date of establishment: July 26, 2010
registered capital: RMB 1.1 million
Industrial and commercial registration number:
enterprise type: limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural person)
Company Address: West House, floor 7, unit 2, building 2, No. 54, Xili Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou

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