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How are plastic bags produced

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1. Raw material: PE (polyethylene), polyethylene (PE), abbreviated as PE. It is a high molecular organic compound formed by the addition and polymerization of ethylene. Polyethylene is recognized as the best material in contact with food in the world. It is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, and meets the hygienic standard of food packaging bags. Polyethylene film, light and transparent, with moisture-proof, oxygen resistance, acid and alkali resistance, general air tightness, excellent heat sealing and other properties. It is known as “plastic flower”. It is the most used and important material for plastic packaging and printing

2. Manufacturing process: (1) film blowing process: the process of making plastic particles into plastic bag film. The machine used is film blowing machine

(2) specific film blowing process: the process passes through casting roll, setting roll, corona roll and cooling roll

casting roller: the large diameter casting roller increases its process, which is conducive to the cooling of molten liquid and avoids wrinkles on the film surface. Its speed is 50R /min

setting roller: make the film mature in advance after cooling, so as to reduce the shrinkage of the film after winding, so as to reduce the damage caused by the winding pressure

corona treatment roller: A. ionize oxygen between poles to produce ozone Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can immediately oxidize the surface molecules of plastic films. Make it from non-polar to polar, and improve the surface tension. B. After electron impact, micro concave and dense holes are produced on the surface, which coarsens the plastic surface and increases the surface activity. C. The two pole voltage is about 300V

cooling roller: it can adjust the physical properties of the film and improve the optical properties and rigidity of the film

(3) slitting process: the film produced by film blowing is very wide. According to the standard of plastic bag, it is divided into films with a width of 200-210mm. The machine used is a slitter

slitting schematic diagram

(4) color printing process: A. set the pattern according to the requirements and print it on the plastic film through the color printing machine

(5) film cutting process: cut the printed film into rectangular plastic blocks with a length of 340-345mm according to the requirements, and the machine used is the film cutting machine

(6) bag making process: divide the two layers of transparent plastic into two sides of the first layer of non transparent plastic, and heat seal it into an inner bag with three sides sealed and one side open by ultrasonic high-frequency welding or heat sealing knife. Completed on the three side bag making machine; The required suture width is 13-15mm

3. Quality inspection

inspectors should carefully select each bag, screen the unqualified bags and leave good bags

production process of plastic bags:
1. Determine the specifications, sizes and printed manuscripts:
the specifications of vest bags are similar, non-uniform, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Conventional specifications such as: 20 * 32cm, 25 * 40cm, 30 * 48CM, 35 * 55cm. The thickness of single layer shall not be less than 0.025mm according to the standard of plastic limit order. The printed manuscript can be designed according to the sample, or the customer can design it and deliver it to the manufacturer, or the manufacturer can design it on behalf of the manufacturer
2. Blow film according to the order quantity. Blow film refers to a plastic processing process in which plastic particles are heated and melted, extruded by extruder, and then blown into plastic film by blower. The plastic vest bag is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE, also known as low-pressure material)
3. Generally, the printing of plastic vest bag is relatively simple, the color is not complex, simple and concise
4. The next step is sealing and cutting
5. Sealing and cutting is to seal and excavate the printed roll, which is also the last step of vest bag forming
6. Molding – Packaging – delivery
plastic bags are essential items in people’s daily life and are often used to hold other items. It is widely used because of its advantages of low cost, extremely light weight, large capacity and easy storage, but it is prohibited from use and production by some countries because of the disadvantages of extremely long degradation cycle and difficult treatment of plastic bags.

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 Hello, I'm glad to answer for you. Plastic bags are made of plastic (commonly used plastics include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, etc.) as the main raw materials

 3. After the evenly stirred materials are blown out by the blow molding machine, they are extruded through the splint to obtain thin-film plastic

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first pour the resin particles into the blow molding machine. After the blow molding machine melts the raw materials, squeeze out the melt through the machine head. During the extrusion process, blow it thin with a blower, and then roll it up. Put the rolled ball on the bag pressing machine and press it into a plastic bag!

the production of plastic bags is as follows: first, pour the raw material particles into the blow molding machine. After the blow molding machine melts the raw materials, extrude the molten materials through the machine head. During the extrusion process, blow them thin with a blower, and then roll them up. Put the rolled round balls on the bag pressing machine and press them into plastic bags. For details, please visit /A //index

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