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How does the automatic punch operate

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Willett automatic punch punch classification automatic punch & nbsp Electric punch, pearl punch, laser punch, & nbsp; Manual Punch & nbsp; According to the number of holes: single hole puncher, 2-hole puncher, 3-hole puncher, 4-hole puncher, multi hole puncher, and classification according to hole type, which will not be described one by one! Although there are many kinds of punching machines, the use methods are roughly the same. Let’s introduce the following: operation method of punching machine

operation method of Willett automatic punching machine:

select the punching and die with the required hole diameter. It is installed on the die head of the main engine

2. Insert the workpiece into the die head and the opening, align the scribed line, and rotate the die for clamping

3. Shake the handle and press down the punch to punch out the hole. Precautions:

1 Before operation, check whether the punch and die are matched accordingly, otherwise the host will be damaged

2. Before punching, the die must be screwed and pressed first

3. In case of any abnormal fault during operation, stop punching and eliminate the fault to avoid damaging the parts

4. The screw rod and nut should always be lubricated with oil. Daily maintenance of the punching machine. The punching machine should be cleaned frequently to reduce dust. The most important thing is to ventilate and dissipate heat, and watch the temperature of the machine in time

introduction of automatic punch: the automatic punch system captures and analyzes the sampling graphics within the visual range of the camera through the computer; Control the displacement of transmission parts and punch pneumatic parts. Automatically meet the customer’s requirements of positioning hole, fast punching speed, high accuracy and simple operation
punching machine is the general name of target hole processing equipment. The target hole was first seen in the pressing process of PCB multilayer circuit board. In recent years, the positioning holes that need positioning processing are generally called target holes. Because the machining accuracy of the target hole directly affects the product accuracy, and the drilling machine can stably control the machining accuracy of the positioning hole within the range of 0.008mm by virtue of the positioning CCD visual scanning and computer-controlled automatic alignment system, more and more enterprises have introduced the drilling machine as the special equipment for positioning hole machining, replacing the traditional manual drilling, which greatly improves the product quality, It reduces scrap and improves the market competitiveness of enterprises. It is a top secret weapon for many enterprises
according to the degree of automation, punches can be divided into manual punches, automatic positioning /alignment punches, full-automatic punches, super full-automatic punches, etc
applicable: electronic film switch, flexible circuit board, PVC /PET /PC panel, inscription board, film, diazo film, film circuit film, film brown film, black film, inscription board label, IML /IMD, mobile phone panel, mobile phone button, aluminum substrate, PCB fiberglass board, polyester, thin aluminum plate, etc. Steps /methods 1 and 1 check whether the air source and power supply are connected. Turn on the computer. Enter the punching system interface
221) place the positioning hole pattern to be punched under the visible infrared light to make the image in the red line box on the computer screen punching system software. 3. 2) click the “sampling” button on the screen, and the system will automatically capture the graphics. If the captured graphics are not the required punching graphics, you can click the “sampling parameters” and the manual block diagram. After the frame is completed, click the “sampling” and the red line frame turns blue, and the sampling is successful. 4. 3) click the “Edit template” to adjust the graphics so that the graphics are in the center of the cross line. After the adjustment, click “OK” to leave the edit template. 5. Click the interface ” Automatic drilling can be implemented by “automatic processing”. Precautions
the operation method of this automatic drilling machine is the operation steps of Willett VT series drilling machine

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