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How long can vacuum packaged food be preserved without preservatives

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different foods have different storage periods, as follows

dried fruits: the shelf life of vacuum packed dried fruits is up to half a year to one year, but once the package is opened, it is also very likely that there will be problems within the shelf life. Therefore, this kind of food should be thrown away as long as it has a peculiar smell such as Khara taste and is bitter and sour. If the taste is not crisp, it means that it absorbs water, it will quickly deteriorate, grow moldy, oxidize and rancidity, and you can’t have it

sausage and other meat products: if they are vacuum packed and placed under dry and frozen conditions, the nutrition will be poor, and the shelf life can reach 3 years. After the shelf life, if there is a Khara taste or sticky casing, it indicates that microorganisms reproduce and can no longer be eaten

extended data:

vacuum preservation and freezing preservation time are 3-5 times longer than traditional preservation methods

the traditional closed preservation can no longer better meet our health needs. PP /PE material is very easy to release carcinogen bisphenol A at high temperature, and it is easy to age and deform, leaving a peculiar smell that is difficult to remove

the history of human preservation is a history of the development of human civilization. From natural air drying, fermentation and natural low-temperature freezing in prehistoric times to refrigerators and freezers and closed preservation, the progress of food storage methods has promoted the development of human civilization

The fresh-keeping time of the closed container is 3-5 times longer than that of the traditional container, which can inhibit the growth of microorganisms

reference: people.com – learn some knowledge about shelf life

reference: people.com – vacuum preservation technology has been officially applied to Chinese families to bring a healthy life

the preservation time of vacuum packaged food is different at different temperatures. Refer to the table below for the specific preservation time

it should be noted that vacuum packaging is not a substitute for refrigerators any perishable food that needs to be refrigerated, such as raw and cooked meat, beef balls, fresh fish, halogen products, etc., shall be put into the refrigerator for refrigeration or freezing after vacuum packaging many businesses think that after vacuum, they can send express without ice without refrigeration. It’s wrong. Dry goods, coarse cereals and medicinal materials can be placed at room temperature

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Br /> in fact, the so-called vacuum packaging and sterilization can only be used for a few days, but the so-called sterilization process can’t play a role in food packaging. After sterilization, the shelf life of vacuum packaged meat food at room temperature is about 20 days, and it will be extended appropriately if refrigerated

different foods should be different. The storage of food is related to many factors, such as moisture, temperature, respiration, etc

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