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How long can vacuum packed tea be preserved?

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the shelf life of vacuum packaged tea depends on the specific tea, which can not be generalized. According to personal tea drinking experience:

green tea, especially high-grade green tea, is generally stored in an environment with low temperature and appropriate humidity, and it is better to keep it within half a year. It can be kept for one year, but the taste will change rapidly and the quality will decline
generally, Tieguanyin can be preserved for one year in vacuum packaging when the temperature is low and the humidity is appropriate. Some people like to drink aged Tieguanyin tea, which can be preserved for two years, but the taste will change, the fresh flavor will weaken, and it has a mellow flavor
black tea, with appropriate humidity and low temperature, can be stored for one year
Pu’er tea can be preserved for two or three years and will be better and better
white tea. It can be kept for three or five years, which is more lasting
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keep away from light, moisture and low temperature. The best time is half a year. It’s best not to exceed one year. If you run away for more than one year, the effect will be poor

do not put things with strong taste together when storing. The fresh-keeping period of avoiding light, moisture and low temperature is 6 months and the shelf life is 12 months. The next time you buy it, you can ask the manufacturer if you can change the tea when changing the season.

the international standard is 540 days.

generally, the quality of tea begins to decline significantly after one year, but it can be stored for a longer time if the storage environment is good! Keep away from light, moisture and low temperature!

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