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How long can vacuum packed tea last?

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What kind of tea

how long can vacuum packed tea last? Will it expire? Tea leaves have a shelf life. They will expire whether they are vacuum packed or not. The edible value of expired tea leaves will be reduced, which will cause some changes. Therefore, it is better to eat the tea leaves bought back before expiration. How long are the preservation periods of different teas

the shelf life of different tea
1. Green tea

the shelf life of green tea is generally about one year at room temperature. Because green tea has not experienced alcohol, the storage level stipulates that the relativity of other tea varieties is higher and the shelf life is the shortest. If stored properly, the shelf life can be increased

2. Black tea

generally, the shelf life of black tea is relatively short, generally 1 year. The shelf life of black tea picked once and in autumn is 1-2 years. The shelf life of Ceylon black tea is relatively long, more than two years. The shelf life of loose black tea is generally 18 months, and the shelf life of bagged black tea is 24 months. Black tea bottled or packaged with tin foil can be stored for up to three years, and high-grade packaged black tea can be stored for up to two years

3. Black tea

generally feels that brick tea has been stored for 10 to 15 years, thousand Liang tea for 10 to 15 years and loose tea for 5 to 10 years. With its economic development and high use value of tea, the classic tea made of high-end raw materials has good taste after being stored for 1 to 2 years

xiaoqinggan is divided into Pu’er raw tea and Pu’er cooked tea. Generally speaking, the shelf life of Pu’er raw tea is about 5 years. Pu’er cooked tea has experienced unique mellow, aging and fragrant, and the shelf life of tea leaves is about 15 years

4. White tea

generally has a shelf life of 2 years. Since the shelf life of 2 years has passed, even if it is stored more, the aroma of tea has been lost and disappeared. White tea is different. Like raw Pu’er, the longer it is stored, the more mellow and concentrated the tea gas is. With the saying of “one year tea, three-year medicine and seven-year treasure”, generally five or six-year white tea is even old white tea, Ten or twenty years old white tea has long been very valuable

the longer the storage time of white tea, the higher its efficacy and function. Therefore, old white tea has room for appreciation. White tea is said to be as old as possible. Naturally, it should be stored under good preconditions. White tea is generally stored in a sealed manner, otherwise it will lose water or be wet and cold. It takes more than one year to store tea, three years of medicine and seven years of treasure

5. Yellow tea

yellow tea belongs to fermented tea. The preparation of yellow tea has something in common with green tea, but the difference is that there is one more stuffy pile process. Therefore, yellow tea, like green tea, can only be maintained for one year

6. Oolong tea (green tea)

unlike xiaoqinggan, the longer the storage stage, the more mellow the taste will be. Generally, oolong tea is frozen and refrigerated for 18 months. If it is cake baked oolong tea, the time can be pushed back for six months to 24 months. The cake baked oolong tea should not be frozen and refrigerated, but placed in a shady and naturally ventilated area

today, the content about Tieguanyin will be introduced in detail here. The shelf life of tea leaves is different, some are very long and some are short. For tea leaves with a short storage period, drink them before expiration as much as possible. Black tea with a long shelf life can gradually taste tea, as long as it is stored well and does not mildew

vacuum packed tea has a shelf life. Generally, the shelf life of tea in vacuum sealed packaging ranges from 12 months to 24 months, which will be indicated on the tea packaging bag. The shelf life of tea is related to the variety of tea, and the shelf life of different tea is also different. The detailed shelf life shall be subject to the package. In order to ensure the quality, it is recommended to store it in cold storage.

generally, the quality of tea begins to decline significantly after one year, but it can be stored for a longer time if the storage environment is good. Keep away from light, moisture and low temperature.

even vacuum packed tea cannot last more than a year, because after a summer of high temperature, tea will lose its own nutrients.

generally, the shelf life of tea is one year.

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