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How many packages are there for Longines

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Longines watch case has its fashionable and elegant design concept. In order to preserve the protective watch used in the packing box, the watch box can play a role in the protection of watches. Usually, the safest watch protection is not worn

the packaging of Longines watches is very exquisite. Longines watches include instructions, warranty cards and legal labels. The watch box is very beautiful. The signs and workmanship on the box are very meticulous, the material is very good, and there are exquisite instructions, warranty cards and original labels

extended data:


1. When the LongQin mechanical watch is not in use, it is best to wind up once a month to prevent the oil in the watch from solidifying

2. Do not approach Longines watches with radio, television and other magnetic objects to avoid affecting the accuracy

3. Desiccant should be placed in the place where Longines watches are placed, but chemicals such as camphor pills and insect repellents should be avoided

4. Leather Longines should avoid contact with water as much as possible, so as to prevent the strap from hardening and smelling, resulting in fracture

5. In case of any abnormality of Longines watch, it shall be immediately sent to a special watch shop nearby for inspection

Longines watch is a famous Swiss watch. It is committed to pursuing accurate watchmaking technology and focusing on noble and elegant design and innovative ideas. Therefore, it enjoys a high reputation in the world and ranks first in market sales. However, at present, there are many simulation watches on the market. Some look almost the same as the real watch, and there are signs such as watch model and number on the back. Even people with certain experience and professional knowledge can’t “quickly” identify the authenticity, unless the imitation is very poor
to identify the authenticity, we should grasp the following points: (applicable to all brands of watches)
1 workmanship The real watch has exquisite workmanship, tight and flexible joints, smooth corners, uniform and bright electroplating. The text on the surface and back is clear. The discrimination formula of general famous brand watches

weigh the weight + watch technology + birth paper

Real watches are made of expensive materials, many of which are made of 18K gold, diamond glass and platinum, which are generally about 1 /2 heavier than fake watches; And the real watch is smooth and fine, while the fake watch is rough in general details; Instructions for use: the printing quality of these prints shows that the shading of “birth paper” is clear and the handwriting is clear

then, how can Longines distinguish between true and false

description of LongQin watch number (true and false can be distinguished). Generally, the condition of the watch can be known through the bottom cover number of the watch, such as family, size, case material and chain
the serial number of LongQin watch is published as follows:

on the bottom cover of the watch, there are two groups of numbers. The first group has the model starting with the letter L on the top, and the other group has the serial number of the watch on the bottom

for example: La BCD. E.FG. H
L is the brand: Longines first letter
a family

b size
1-4 women’s wear
5 medium
6-9 men’s wear
CD sequence number

e case material
0 metal /diamond
2 vacuum ion plating
3 fine steel /vacuum ion plating
4 fine steel
5 fine steel /18K Gold
618 K gold
718 K gold /diamond
FG surface

H watch chain
0 belt
1 net belt
2-5 belt
6 chain belt
7-8 chain belt or belt
9 belt
2 packing. The packaging of real watches is very exquisite. The watch box is very beautiful, with exquisite instructions or quality assurance cards inside; Fake watches are rough, even without these packaging materials
3. Source. The real watch has an official invoice, and the selling price will not differ much from the public price. If you buy a Rolex watch or a Longines watch with a few hundred yuan or a thousand yuan, it is definitely a fake watch
if you still can’t distinguish the authenticity of the watch, take it to the watch shop and ask the master to check the movement (the difference between true and false mainly lies in the movement) and know it immediately.

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