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How much environmental pollution does the carton factory have? What are the main aspects?

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I. environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. Packaging comes with products to consumers. After use, most packaging materials complete their mission and become garbage, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal cans, cartons, etc. If these packages are not recycled and disposed of, they will also cause secondary pollution to the environment

Second, the environmental pollution caused by carton processing refers to the enterprises that produce packaging materials and packaging products. In particular, the packaging material industry, such as papermaking, plastics, metal smelting, glass ceramics and other industries, will discharge a large amount of wastewater, waste gas and waste residue in the production process, containing a variety of toxic chemicals and harmful microorganisms. If they are not treated or recycled, they will inevitably cause environmental pollution

III. methods to reduce environmental pollution caused by packaging. To reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging, corresponding measures should be taken according to the source of packaging pollution. We can start from the following aspects

IV. reduce environmental pollution caused by carton processing. There are many enterprises in carton processing, which will produce waste more or less in production. Packaging enterprises should resolutely implement the “environmental protection law” and environmental standards according to their own production characteristics. Analyze the pollution situation and the causes of pollution, use various means and take effective measures to actively develop, introduce and promote new processes, technologies and equipment to prevent pollution

minimize the discharge of pollutants such as packaging waste and waste residue, so that the discharge of pollutants is within the allowable range. In the process of developing production, environmental problems should be solved at the same time. The environmental protection department shall examine, inspect and supervise the packaging production enterprises in accordance with the environmental protection law and environmental protection standards. Vigorously carry out environmental protection education, improve the awareness of cadres at all levels and major employees of the plant on the importance of environmental protection, and take environmental protection as everyone’s conscious action

v. strengthen the recycling of packaging waste. If all kinds of packaging materials after packaging are discarded in the environment, it is bound to cause environmental pollution. In fact, these packaging wastes are not waste. Most of them can be recycled, such as packaging paper, cartons, wooden boxes, glass bottles, plastic containers, etc. some can be repackaged, and some can be recycled as packaging raw materials

if we want to reduce the environmental pollution caused by carton processing, we can recycle it, which is an effective way to reduce packaging pollution and protect the environment. It can also save a lot of packaging resources and energy, reduce packaging costs and achieve greater economic and social benefits

the main pollution of the carton factory is the air pollution caused by the ink volatiles on the printing machine when printing patterns, and the ink waste water produced by cleaning the shaft when changing fonts and patterns. This kind of waste water belongs to high concentration organic waste water, which is difficult to treat and has great environmental pollution

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