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How to adjust the speed of the packing machine?

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the speed of any manufacturer and model of packaging machine is different

you can refer to the manual

, but you really can’t call the manufacturer.

due to the cumbersome types of packaging machines, there are liquid, block, powder and granular packaging machines according to the product status; According to the function of packaging, there are inner packaging and outer packaging machines; According to the packaging industry, there are food, daily chemical and hardware parts

the speed of the packaging machine can be adjusted in the setting. If it cannot be adjusted, it can be restarted. If not, the motor can be changed

the conveying speed of the machine can be adjusted. There is no specified speed, but ordinary people may not understand it. It is recommended to find a maintenance master to adjust it for you

best answer: there is a small PLC. There is a packaging speed on it, which can be adjusted faster, but you need to increase the sealing temperature

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