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How to choose packaging machine manufacturers?

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China’s packaging machinery started in the 1970s. After more than 20 years, China’s packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, providing a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China’s packaging industry, which has basically met the needs of the domestic market, and some high-quality products are exported overseas. However, at this stage, the export volume of China’s packaging machinery is less than 5% of the total output value, but the import volume is roughly equivalent to the total output value, which is still a big gap compared with developed countries

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the level of China’s packaging machinery industry is not high enough. Except that some small packaging machines have a certain scale, other packaging machines are almost unsystematic, especially liquid filling production lines and sterile packaging production lines, which are almost monopolized by several foreign packaging giants
however, worldwide, the demand for global packaging machinery is growing rapidly at an annual rate of 5.3%, mainly in the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan. However, with the growth of packaging demand, the production growth of packaging machines in developing countries will be the fastest in the future. With the joint efforts of generations of packaging robots, China’s packaging machinery has made great progress. China’s packaging machinery will also become the main force in China’s machinery trade in the future
pillow packaging machine
pillow packaging machine is the latest automatic continuous shrinkage packaging equipment in China. It is characterized by fast temperature rise, good stability, low maintenance cost, stable and adjustable shrinkage temperature and motor transmission speed, and wide adjustment range; The roller rotation device can work continuously. Therefore, the heat shrinkable machine has the characteristics of advanced design, stability and reliability, power saving and high efficiency, good shrinkage effect, beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc
working principle of pillow packaging machine
pillow packaging machine is a continuous packaging machine with strong packaging capacity and can be suitable for a variety of specifications for food and non food packaging. It can not only be used for the packaging of non trademark packaging materials, but also can use the drum material with trademark pattern printed in advance for high-speed packaging. In packaging production, due to the error between the positioning color codes printed on the packaging materials, the stretching of the packaging materials and the influence of mechanical transmission and other factors, the predetermined sealing and cutting parts on the packaging materials may deviate from the correct position and produce errors. In order to eliminate errors and achieve the purpose of correct sealing and cutting, automatic positioning must be considered in packaging design, & nbsp; To solve this problem, the design of continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system is mostly completed according to the positioning mark of packaging materials. The continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into forward and backward type, braking type and synchronous type of two transmission systems according to the working mode of error compensation
structural features of pillow packaging machine
1) dual frequency converter control, bag length is set and cut immediately, there is no need to adjust empty walking, one step in place, saving time and film
2) text type man-machine interface, convenient and fast parameter setting
3) fault self diagnosis function, and the fault display is clear at a glance
4) high sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate
5) the temperature is controlled by independent PID, which is better suitable for all kinds of coating materials
6) positioning shutdown function, no knife sticking and no film consumption
7) the transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable and the maintenance is more convenient
8) all controls are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrading and will never lag behind
packing machine purchase guide
1. First, you should determine which products you want to package with the packing machine you will buy. Some packaging machinery manufacturers have many kinds of products. When purchasing packaging machines, they hope that one equipment can package all their varieties. In fact, the packaging effect of special machine is better than that of compatible machine. It is best not to pack more than 3-5 varieties with one packaging machine. In addition, products with large gap in overall dimensions shall be packaged separately from the machine as far as possible
2. High cost performance is the first principle. At this stage, the quality of domestic packaging machines has been greatly improved than before, especially pillow packaging machines. The export proportion has been much higher than that of imports, so the quality of imported machines can be purchased at the price of domestic machines. Buy only the right ones, not expensive ones
3. Try to choose famous brand packaging machine enterprises with a long history to ensure the quality. Select models with mature technology and stable quality to make the packaging faster and more stable, with low energy consumption, low manual and low scrap rate. The packaging machine is a talent consuming machine. If you buy low-quality machines, the packaging film that will be wasted over time in the future daily production will not be a small number
4. In case of on-site investigation, pay attention to major aspects and small details, which often determine the quality of the whole machine. Try to test the machine with samples as much as possible
5. In terms of after-sales service, “within the circle” should have a good reputation. After sales service is timely and on call, especially for food processing enterprises. For example, moon cake enterprises only have a production period of just two months every year. If there is a problem in the production of the packaging machine and it can not be solved immediately, the loss can be imagined
6. Packaging machines trusted by peers are preferred
7. Try to choose a fully automatic continuous feeding mechanism with simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, which can improve the packaging efficiency and reduce the labor cost, which is suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise
8. Looking for professional custom design manufacturers. Design the assembly line according to the product characteristics, packaging film materials and site conditions
9. Selecting packaging machine manufacturers with perfect training physique and carrying out systematic operation training for operators can improve production efficiency& nbsp;

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