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How to choose your own dry powder mixer?

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in terms of production, both old and new users will face the problem of how to choose their own dry powder mixer. Here, Linying Xuhui machinery summarizes the following points according to the experience of customers in purchasing dry powder mixer for many years: 1 Buy big or small 2 Buy the most advanced 3 Select equipment according to the material type. First, the first point is to buy large rather than small. This refers to the capacity. If you plan to buy a half ton dry powder mixer, Linying Xuhui machinery suggests to buy a one ton dry powder mixer, because the business in this industry is not short-term business, and the business will be bigger and bigger. If you buy a half ton dry powder mixer, you may have done it for half a year or several months, You will find that the capacity of the equipment you buy is small and the output cannot be supplied. Then let’s talk about the second point. Buy the most advanced one, which is the fully automatic dry powder mixer. It has the function of automatic weighing and metering, free of manual weighing, valve pocket and manual sealing. If you want to buy a semi-automatic dry powder mixer or ordinary dry powder mixer when you buy it, although you save some money at the moment, you have to seal and measure it manually in the later stage; With the growth of time, you will find that the man hours you use to seal and measure can completely exceed the price of a packaging machine

the third point is to select the equipment according to the material type. For example, if a customer makes putty powder, when selecting the equipment, you can tell the manufacturer that the large box should not be so thick steel plate, and you can choose two or three thicknesses, because the putty powder is basically free of wear, just the equipment from Linying Xuhui machinery, The earliest customer equipment has been used for more than ten years and still works well. But making dry powder mortar is different. We all know that the sand is severely worn, so when selecting the dry powder mixer, the large box can be thickened below. The standard configuration in the factory is 3 thick, and we can make 4 thick. Well, let’s talk about it first. If anyone has any questions about purchasing a dry powder mixer later, you can consult us at any time

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