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How to distinguish true and false Coca Cola in appearance and packaging?

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Such as the title. Especially large bottles, 2 liters or 1.25 liters.

1. It mainly depends on the printing of outer packaging and production date. The color of genuine goods is bright and clear, while the color of fake goods is dark and the handwriting is not very clear

2, bottled flashed, the quality will produce a large number of bubbles, and bubbles will disappear quickly, fake foam shaking after the thick, very easy to disappear. p>

3. You can check whether there are impurities in the soda against the light source. Genuine coke is clear and free of impurities, and fake goods have a small amount of impurities

4. The internal pressure of genuine bottles and cans is high, and it feels hard when pressed by hand, but it won’t be if it is fake

extended data:


1. Children should not: because caffeine has a strong excitatory effect on the central nervous system, some scholars have proved that ADHD is related to it, which can cause children’s mental irritability, disobedience, lower academic performance, etc

2. Not for newly married men: drinking cola drinks for newly married men will directly harm sperm and affect fertility. Once the injured sperm combines with the egg, it may lead to fetal malformation or congenital deficiency

3. Not for women: women who often drink caffeinated drinks are difficult to conceive, and women who drink coke and smoke are more difficult to conceive, so it is not suitable for women of childbearing age

4. Not for pregnant women: caffeine will inhibit the normal development of the fetus in the mother, drink too much cola, give birth to babies who are often underweight and have a high natural mortality rate

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia Coca Cola

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia Coca Cola

Br /> for example, the quality of the printed plastic is not very good

it takes a long time to drink the genuine one carefully. Pirated ones feel different in their hands, and pirated ones must be different from the genuine ones in terms of bottle quality and printed trademarks

look at the color of the package! Generally, the false color is too bright

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