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How to do the marketing of packaging machinery?

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Is it too passive to rely on the Internet alone? Telemarketing, what kind of food factory can be found, people basically don’t need it, they have it all. Recruit salesmen to run the market? How do you run? Thank you for your guidance…

hehe, as you said, TV factories are going to close down. Every household has TV, but many people buy TV every day
machinery sales are nothing more than two points: first, the equipment is aging and needs to be updated; 2、 The equipment is inefficient and needs to be improved. If you don’t know anything about the customer, you can promote the product immediately. If you are a customer, I don’t think you have the patience to listen. (especially if you communicate by phone, you don’t have any concerns about stopping the conversation). I think you should first understand the specific situation of your target customer, such as the model and purchase time of the machinery currently used, production efficiency, and what kind of improvement will be made after replacement, Even if you can recover the cost in a few years, these are the homework you should do in advance.

alas. Brother, we are peers. It’s not easy for us.

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