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How to heat the bagged traditional Chinese medicine

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it’s better not to heat it in a metal pot, otherwise it will react with the active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine to form complex inactivation or produce some toxic ingredients at a certain temperature
and you’re wrong. Traditional Chinese medicine decoction is to make the active ingredients dissolve in water. Now that it has been fried,
heating is enough to make the crystalline active ingredients dissolve in water again. There’s no need to pursue the degree of traditional Chinese medicine decoction
I hope it can help you~

just soak in warm water. Do not use boiling water for fear of explosion

put it in a cup and soak it in hot water for 5-10 minutes

see if there is any cooked land or raw land.

if not, there can be one.

it’s better to use casserole.

don’t think about it

pour it out, casserole or stainless steel.

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