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How to package honey by mail? Will plastic bottles do

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first of all, if you mail, you have to consider the factors that are easy to appear in the mail process. Honey is a liquid, so you have to consider the extrusion, bump, fall, etc. in the mail process. When considering the container, you also have to think about not allowing the container to affect the taste and taste of honey. Therefore, there are the following kinds of bottles for your reference:
1. Plastic bottle: it is easy to be squeezed and deformed, afraid of extrusion, And often the most likely thing to happen is extrusion, so plastic bottles are not the best choice
2. Glass bottles: they are not afraid of squeezing and can be used for mailing, but they are afraid of bumping and falling
3. Metal bottle: it is not afraid of squeezing and falling, but it is not suitable for containing honey, because the metal bottle is easy to affect the taste and taste of honey
4. Enamel bottle: To sum up, enamel bottle can be the top choice
however, enamel bottles are hard to find. The easiest thing to find is cooked glass bottles. Cooked glass bottles are much better than raw glass bottles for fear of bumping. Therefore, from the perspective of convenience, cooked glass bottles are the most suitable
ripe glass bottles are easy to find, such as large jars with patterns and blue colors.

you can use plastic bottles to mail honey. If you want to mail glass bottles, you should pay attention to the packaging. We know that a lot of mail and express delivery are very violent. Even if they stick some labels to prevent falling, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of being broken. So we can buy some anti foam protection foam, there are many selling things on the Internet. You can also use a carton slightly larger than the honey bottle, then wrap several layers of sponge or newspaper to protect the bottle, and then fill the outer packing carton without leaving space for the bottle to shake, which can also prevent the express from breaking the bottle on the way.

it is best to fix honey in a suitable box with plastic foam and then seal it with tape. It’s best to use plastic bottles!

Yes. But the bottle mouth must be sealed! Otherwise, it is easy to leak! Because express loading and unloading are thrown casually and will not be handled with care! Another is to find a carton about the same size as the honey bottle, wrap the bottle body with bubble film and fix it with adhesive tape! Fill the space left in the carton with old newspapers or other soft things! Leave no space!

plastic bottles are poisonous honey. If they are kept inside for a long time, they will release toxins. It is recommended to use porcelain, but porcelain is heavier

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