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How to recycle PE plastic film in packaging materials

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one of the common plastic crushers is the hammering method, which is suitable for crushing materials with high hardness and low toughness; The other is cutter cutting. A row of fixed knives and a group of rotating knives form a cutting tool, which is suitable for processing materials with certain toughness and high melting point. Because PE and PP films are soft and tough, they are not easy to cut. Moreover, the high temperature of the tool at high speed will melt LDPE and adhere to the blade. Therefore, the granulation of PE and PP films can be directly put into the feeding port of the extruder in strips, and the PE and PP films can be dragged into the barrel by the shear force of the screw to heat, melt, extrude and granulation
the process of regenerating PE is generally: crushing drying granulation pelletizing (cold water)

I’m from Linyi. The Qingwei plastic factory next to my home smashes the recycled film with a granulator.

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