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How to use bs-f400 heat shrinkable packaging machine

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if you buy this cheap machine, it means that your shrink film should be made of PVC. One of the simplest ways to use it is to take out the accessories and instructions in the machine after receiving the goods, no matter what brand of heat shrink machine you buy. After the power supply is connected, turn on all the switches, adjust the voltage to the maximum with voltage regulation function, and then adjust the transmission speed you think is similar. Adjust the temperature of the temperature controller to between 150 and 200. When the temperature reaches, take the product for trial operation. If it is still wrinkled, slow down the speed or increase the temperature, In case of rupture, lower the temperature or speed up (under the condition of ensuring the sealing quality and shrink film quality). There are several points to pay attention to in the use of heat shrinkable machine: 1. Shrink film machine is a high-power machine. Pay attention to whether its own wire is large enough. It is best to install air switch or knife switch instead of using plug directly. 2. When shutting down, turn off the temperature first, cool it for a few minutes, and then turn off the power supply. 3. If the product is dropped from the machine, it must be shut down and taken out before continuing production. We have been producing heat shrinkable machines for almost 20 years. These empirical remarks hope to be useful. Guangzhou Feiyue packaging machinery factory

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