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How to write a weekly summary

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I’ll learn to be a project manager. The boss asked me to write a weekly summary, but every day I go to the warehouse to check the materials, that is, I go to the construction site to check the working face. How should I write this summary

write a summary of the week’s work, which begins with an overview, overall evaluation, outline and summarize the full text. Main body, analyze achievements and shortcomings, and summarize experiences and lessons. At the end, analyze the problems and clarify the direction; Finally, write the signature and date clearly

clarify your work ideas, straighten out your work this week, see what you’ve been busy this week, make a list, and find out the focus of your work according to the work list

extended data:


1. Write clearly what you have done this week and write it briefly

2. Write down your understanding of your position and work, what you have done, how you work hard, and what you use your brain to solve. Even if it’s nothing, write down some difficult problems. How did you solve them through your efforts

3. Have you fallen in love with your position and work through this week’s work

4. You can write down what abilities you need to improve or what knowledge you need to supplement in your future work, and make a summary

writing idea: if the child needs the help of the teacher in learning, you can write it directly. For example, I hope the teacher will be more strict with the child. Secondly, you should write some words to thank the teacher for carefully educating the child. For example, thank you for your long-term careful cultivation, which has gradually turned my child from an urchin into a good student who loves learning, understands politeness and stresses unity& nbsp;& nbsp;

Body: & nbsp& nbsp;

1. Teachers are a sacred profession. You spare no effort in teaching and educating your children for their learning and growth. Thank you very much for your love and teaching to your children. We want to say here: Thank you, teacher& nbsp;& nbsp;

2. I’m sorry, your child has worried you. As a parent, I have the obligation and responsibility to improve my study with my child. Please rest assured that I will supervise my child’s good study and strive for good results. At the same time, I also ask the teacher to give more advice to parents and children& nbsp;& nbsp;

3. Thank you for working hard in the morning and dusk. I just hope to guide the students to become great and outstanding. I hope the children can be more mature and keep up with the teacher

4. Every time the teacher asks the parents to write their experiences and feelings, especially when they ask the parents to provide advice, they will feel frightened. The main reason is that teacher Chen has given the children a lot of things, which are vivid and interesting but not rigid, so they don’t know how to give other opinions. It’s very comforting to see the child making progress every day. My heart is full of gratitude

5. Thank the teacher for the careful care and patient guidance of the babies over the past year. I am full of gratitude to see the children change bit by bit

the summary of the week is to write about what you have done in a week, your feelings, opinions and experiences about these things, whether you have found some things you haven’t done enough that need to be improved, in which direction and how long it takes to improve. In addition, what work plan will you have for the next week
to sum up, what has been done, how has it been done, what has been improved, and the plan for next week. That’s it. You can also change the content according to your actual situation.

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