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How to write the employee summary of the packaging process

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emphasize the importance of product quality, inspection and management
there is no model
the following is for reference,
mainly write down the main work content, how to work hard and achieve achievements, and finally put forward some reasonable suggestions or new efforts
work summary is to let the superior know what contribution you have made and reflect the value of your work
so you should write down several points:
1. Your understanding of the post and work. 2. What have you done specifically
3. How do you work hard and what are the things you use your brain to solve. Even if it’s nothing, write down some difficult problems. How did you solve them through your efforts
4. What abilities or knowledge do you need to improve in your future work
5. Superiors like people who work actively. You should be prepared for everything you do, that is, the preparatory work is as follows for your reference:
summary is to conduct a comprehensive and systematic general evaluation and analysis of the situation in a period of time, and analyze the achievements, deficiencies, experience, etc. Summary is a kind of applied writing, which is a rational reflection on the work that has been done
basic requirements for summary
1. The summary must have an overview and description of the situation, some simple and some detailed
2. Achievements and shortcomings. This is the main content of the summary. The purpose of the summary is to affirm the achievements and find out the shortcomings. What are the achievements, how big they are, in what aspects, and how they have been achieved; The number of shortcomings, the performance in which aspects and how they are produced should be clearly written
3. Experience and lessons learned. In order to facilitate future work, we must analyze, study and summarize the previous work experience and lessons, and form theoretical knowledge<
the basic points should not be exaggerated, but the basic points should not be exaggerated. This is the basis for analyzing and drawing lessons.
2. Be clear. The sentences are smooth and easy to understand
3. Be detailed and appropriate. There are important and secondary ones, so we should highlight the key points in writing. The problems in the summary should be divided into primary and secondary, detailed and brief
basic format of summary:
1. Title
2. Text
beginning: overview and overall evaluation; Outline and summarize the full text.
main body: analyze achievements and shortcomings and summarize experiences and lessons.
end: analyze the problem and clarify the direction.
3. Signature
signature and date.

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