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How traditional printing enterprises transform digital printing

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digital printing is a strong commercial point. In fact, generally speaking, traditional printing is more complex than digital printing. If you will be traditional, your transformation is no big problem. However, you should know that traditional printing can realize high-speed printing and low cost of mass printing. Digital printing is directly output by computer, which is flexible and suitable for small batch and multi change printing
you should know all this. One thing to be sure is whether your customers can support your transformation. Some are old customers, including large quantities and digital printing. Depending on the proportion of business volume, they are the foundation. The digital printing industry is generally a company close to the customer group. The location is very important, and there are plans to develop some new channels
the market is very big, not only the price, but if your service is up to standard, it will be 10% – 20% more expensive than your peers. It is also very competitive.

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