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I want to set up a gift box factory. What machines and technologies do I need? How much does the machine cost

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machines are not cheap. About 300000. Because it involves color printing. Technology, you won’t?? Design. Do you have to be able to operate one? No?? Then you have to recruit. The machine has a printing press. mulch applicator. Hot stamping machine. Die cutting machine, the rest do not know, completely their own guess. Don’t take it seriously

Hurong’s heaven and earth cover machine is easy to use and mechanical

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 1. Printing machine: it can be semi-automatic, manual and full-automatic printing machine. 2. Forming equipment: box nailing machine and box gluing machine are also divided into full-automatic and semi-automatic. 3. Laminating machine, covering a layer of transparent plastic film on the carton. 4. Paper separator, thin knife machine: cut the incoming paperboard into the required paperboard size. 5. Manual version of glue machine and overlaying machine. 6. Paper feeding machine, printing machine, front desk paper feeding, equivalent to full-automatic paper feeding, faster than manual. 7. There are other equipment: such as die-cutting machine, production of special-shaped cartons or small cartons, processing accuracy is relatively high. Classification of carton packaging 1. Wrapped carton wrapped corrugated carton is somewhat similar to 0210 carton. The difference is that the corrugated direction of 0210 carton is parallel to the width of blank paperboard, while the corrugated direction of wrapped carton is parallel to the length of paperboard; The 0210 carton joint is connected to the main carton surface, while the wrapped carton is connected to the side carton surface; The indentation lines of the inner and outer swing covers of the 0210 box are in a straight line, while the rolled box is different. 2. Split carton split carton can be divided into two or more in the circulation process, which mainly solves the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales. The separated carton can be combined with various auxiliary materials on the basis of the traditional standard carton, or a new forming method can be adopted. 3. Triangular column carton triangular column corrugated carton is formed by one sheet of box and corner lining. The four corners of corrugated carton form triangular column or right angle column structure, so as to improve the compressive strength by 20% - 50%

 generally speaking, it needs about 20W equipment, one nailing machine, a total of 5-6W. The plant is 400 square meters /year, 2W, and the rest is working capital 

a set of equipment is almost more than 1 million, which is a fully automatic and intelligent equipment. Our factory makes these equipment,

I also think this project is very good, but I don’t know how to start

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