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Illustrate the four functions of packaging

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Illustrate the four functions of packaging

protection: home appliances or fragile products will use foam
convenience: Cola, and the straw outside the Tetra Pak, the whole handle outside the milk,

sales: size, color, shape
Psychology: material, color, size, like wine, baijiu.

(1) protect the packaged goods from risks and damages, such as leakage, waste, theft, loss, scattering, doping, shrinkage and discoloration. During the period from production to use, protective measures are very important. If the packaging can not protect the items inside, this kind of packaging is a failure
(2) provide convenience. Manufacturers, marketers and customers need to move products from one place to another. Toothpaste or nails can be easily moved in the warehouse in the carton. The inconvenient packaging of pickles and washing powder has been replaced by the current small packaging. At this time, it is very convenient for consumers to purchase and take home
(3) in order to identify, the product model, quantity, brand and the name of the manufacturer or retailer must be indicated on the package. Packaging can help warehouse managers accurately find products and consumers find what they want
(4) promote the sales of certain brands, especially in self selected stores. In stores, packaging attracts the attention of customers and turns their attention into interest. Some people believe that “each packing box is a billboard.” Good and packaging can improve the attractiveness of new products, and the value of packaging itself can also arouse consumers’ motivation to buy a product. In addition, increasing the attractiveness of packaging is cheaper than increasing the unit selling price of products.

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