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Impression of Shenzhen

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I’ll go to Shenzhen in a few days, a completely strange city. Please give me some help and tell me what kind of city this is and how you live here? What are the good-looking, fun and delicious places, not the kind of mall. Thank you

world window,
Happy Valley,
sea world,
Lake fairy botanical garden, Wutong Mountain
beautiful China
West Chung, Tai O – water swimming
Ming Si Ke aircraft carrier Gongming, riding a bike, can also skate grass, and extreme sports, karting, and so on, and most importantly, there are very delicious pigeon Lotus Hill Lotus Hill Park East Gate, Huaqiang North shopping street.

I’m Di from Shenzhen. I personally think shopping and eating are the best in the east gate of Luohu District!!! After all, it’s the city center ~ there’s everything, and the surrounding areas are well landscaped. In addition, the environmental awareness of Shenzhen locals is good. Pay attention! They are local people. Some of the migrant workers have a bad sense of

in addition, here are official introductions, which are very real and fun. They are all below:
Shenzhen is a coastal city in southern China. It is located in the south of Guangdong Province, adjacent to Daya Bay and Dapeng Bay in the East, Pearl River Estuary and Lingding ocean in the west, Shenzhen River in the south is connected with Hong Kong, and Dongguan and Huizhou in the north. It is only one river away from the new territories of Hong Kong and has always been known as “the back garden of Hong Kong”. It now governs six districts, namely Futian, Luohu, Yantian, Nanshan, Bao’an and Longgang
Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is located in the south of Shenzhen. It is a part of Shenzhen. It is narrow and long. It is the largest special economic zone in China except Hainan Province. It has always been known as the “Pearl of the South”
Shenzhen has a subtropical marine climate, which is suitable for tourism all year round. It has clear and pleasant wind and rich precipitation
as China’s major port for foreign trade and international exchanges, Shenzhen has not only made brilliant achievements in construction, created a good investment environment, but also bred a beautiful tourism environment. It is close to the mountains and the sea, evergreen in all seasons, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, unique tourism and entertainment resources and facilities. It has the world’s largest scenic miniature areas “Splendid China”, “Chinese folk culture village”, “window of the world”, theme parks “Happy Valley”, “Minsk aircraft carrier world”, “ocean world”, as well as wildlife parks, rare botanical gardens, beaches and bathing beaches.

the east gate is not as comfortable as Huaqiang North
the road is too narrow and there are too many people
and It’s not like someone said that outsiders have a bad awareness of environmental protection
the local people should have a good awareness of environmental protection
instead, everyone has their own quality
the woods are big There are all kinds of birds

more and more insecure!!! Not everything is good and cheap

have you got enough money? Did you find a good man to pay for you?

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