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In April, the special treatment of excessive packaging of express delivery was launched. What policies have other countries adopted in packaging reduction?

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1, the United States has paid attention to green packaging since the 1990s . In order to effectively improve people’s enthusiasm for recycling, local governments in the United States will appropriately reduce and exempt the relevant taxes of enterprises according to the proportion of packaging recycling and reuse rate of enterprises. At the same time, the United States also expressly stipulates in the resource protection and recycling act, “Reduce the consumption of packaging materials and recycle the packaging waste at the same time. Various policies not only solve the packaging problem, but also provide employment opportunities for the society.

2. In 1991, the measures for the management of packaging waste issued by Germany clearly proposed that the management of packaging waste should be carried out in the order of” reduction, reuse, recycling and final disposal “, At the same time, different packaging waste recycling targets and time limits are set, and packaging manufacturers and sellers are forced to be jointly responsible for packaging recycling. At the same time, it also formulated a series of quantitative standards for packaging waste from collection to final disposal

3, other EU countries have also formulated legal provisions and strategies on packaging recycling . For example, France has clearly stipulated in the packaging waste transportation law issued in 1994 that consumers have the obligation to actively hand over waste packaging materials to manufacturers or retailers for recycling. Greatly increased the proportion of packaging recycling

4, Japan has formulated and implemented the energy protection and promotion recycling law and the packaging recycling law , and is also committed to strengthening the construction of packaging and other recycling systems. Japan encourages people to establish a large number of recycling stations. Consumers can classify packaging waste and hand it over to Japan’s collection and transportation system to transport the classified packaging waste to a special treatment center for recycling through regular recycling, collection and transfer

extended data:

the measures, which has been implemented since March 12, is the first regulation on the management of express packaging in China. The main content focuses on the three issues of “what package to use, how to package and how to manage ” for express mail, “ gives clear system terms and conditions :

1. For the packaging operation of goods made by couriers in accordance with the specifications, Users should not put forward too many unreasonable requirements such as winding tape

2. If the package provided by the user does not comply with relevant regulations, the courier has the right to replace or replace the package on behalf of the user, and the user shall not refuse or hinder

3. For recyclable packages that have been put into use by the delivery enterprise, the recipient shall return the recyclable packages to the courier as soon as possible after taking out the inner parts

the Measures specify that the headquarters of enterprises sending express have the responsibility of unified management. At the same time, enterprises sending express should establish a packaging management system and implement unified management

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