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In Baidu promotion, what are the meanings of “accurate”, “extensive” and “phrase” in the matching mode?

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1, “wide matching” & nbsp; It means & nbsp& nbsp;& nbsp; For example, you promote “tea packaging machine” & nbsp& nbsp;& nbsp; Then enter “Anxi tea” or “Gaoshan tea” in the search engine. As long as one of the words is covered, it can be promoted

2. “Phrase matching” means & nbsp; If you promote “tea packaging machine” & nbsp& nbsp; Then it can’t be separated. Search the search engine for “Anxi tea packaging machine”, “Tieguanyin tea packaging machine”, “tea packaging machine price”, etc. Can be searched

3. “Exact match” means & nbsp; You are promoting “tea packaging machine” & nbsp& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; Then you can only search the keyword “tea packaging machine” in the search engine

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wide matching. When Internet users’ search words are highly related to your keywords, even if you do not submit these words, your promotion results may be presented

phrase matching: when the netizens’ search words completely include your keywords and the insertion or reversal of your keywords (including synonyms of keywords), the system may automatically display your promotion results

accurate matching. Only when the search terms of netizens are completely consistent with the keywords you submitted, your promotion results will have a chance to show

for specific usage, it is recommended to listen to your opinions on Baidu promotion customer service.

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