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In daily life, what can be done to reduce the use of plastic products?

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Starbucks announced the launch of the “love green” program, which will gradually stop providing plastic straws in all stores in mainland China. As we all know, plastic products cause serious damage to the environment. What can we do to reduce the use of plastic products in our daily life?

as we all know, plastic products are difficult to degrade in ordinary environment. If they are used excessively and do not pay attention to recycling, they will cause great pollution to soil and water resources

nevertheless, the number of plastic products produced each year in China is still very “excellent”. As for the classification of these plastic products, it is roughly as follows:

what efforts can we make as ordinary people in order to reduce the damage of plastic products to the environment

① use plastic bags as little as possible: in our daily contact, plastic bags should be the most common kind of plastic products. Whether you go shopping in the supermarket or go out to buy vegetables, you will use it more or less

although some supermarkets have adopted the measure of “no free plastic bags for shopping”, many people still choose to use plastic bags by purchase, which is only a few cents after all. However, if everyone can bring woven bags before going shopping, a lot of plastic products can be reduced by the end of a year

② order as little takeout as possible: this is mainly for the student party and the working party. With the accelerated pace of life, many people usually choose takeout because they are busy working or tired of cooking

but in fact, at least one pair of plastic tableware and one plastic bag are used for ordering takeout. In this way, the amount of plastic products produced by ordering takeout every year can not be ignored. So if you can, try to choose your own restaurant. (of course, if there are no special circumstances, you’d better not often go to a restaurant to pack and take it home to eat ~)

③ if you can, you might as well recycle it: the first two may mainly reduce the use of plastic products from the source, and this one mainly wants to reduce the total use of plastic products through recycling

for example, the usual shopping bags can be put together. If they need to be reused next time, there is no need to buy new ones. For example, you can take the plastic bags you usually buy clothes with you when you buy vegetables next time, so as to avoid using several new plastic bags to pack vegetables

of course, there are many ways to reduce the use of plastic products. As long as you can pay more attention to your life and use less plastic products as much as possible, it will be very helpful to the environment ~

there are many ways to reduce the use of plastic products. Usually, when we shop, we can get ourselves an environmentally friendly bag, which can be recycled and will not cause pollution
environmental protection is not just shouting slogans. People need to develop good habits.

I support using less plastic bags and plastic products in daily life
this is what I do. When I go out to bring food, I try to use stainless steel cans and bring my own tea cups
plastic bags are used for many times. If you want to divide the food into small packages, you can use boxes instead of plastic bags
when you go to the supermarket to buy things, bring environmental protection bags or bags made of cloth directly
try to go back to the days when there were not so many plastic bags.

in life, you can carry a cloth bag with you. When you buy things, you can use your own cloth bag instead of plastic bag. This can reduce the use of some plastic bags and plastic.

I think this problem is inevitable, because there are plastic products everywhere in life, you have to use them, and it is also more convenient.

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