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Introduction of logistics transportation packaging design

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as the main course textbook of packaging engineering, this book requires good basic knowledge of mathematics, mechanics or material science, and familiar with the contents of packaging engineering related courses. Through the study of this course, master relevant theories, design methods and test methods, and have the engineering ability to independently design advanced logistics transportation packaging system. Due to the limitation of the class hours of the teaching plan and the length of the teaching materials, this book gives up some data and charts and retains the description of the basic theory. According to the principles of facing the world, Chinese characteristics, taking into account the needs of teaching and business, considering the requirements of theory and practicality, and revising and supplemented the old textbook of cushioning packaging dynamics (1989) and transport packaging (1999), I compiled the essence of the relevant data at home and abroad, and tried to achieve the unity of scientific and advanced nature, and to meet the educational purpose and overall relevance. The 1999 part of the paper is to provide a basis for China’s education. The requirements of gradual structure and prescriptive weight not only meet the teaching needs of college students, but also facilitate the self-study of enterprise technicians

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