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It is suggested to legislate to solve the problem of excessive packaging. What do you think of excessive packaging?

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China is the second largest packaging country in the world. In recent years, the problem of excessive packaging of goods has attracted the attention of governments at all levels and the public. Relevant departments have successively issued relevant policies and measures to deal with it. But overall, this problem is still serious. This year’s government work report proposes to deeply implement the sustainable development strategy and promote the green transformation of production and lifestyle. Wu peiguan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and professor of the school of international finance of Sun Yat sen University, called for: “in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce logistics has made the problem of excessive commodity packaging more prominent. We should pay close attention to promoting the improvement of packaging legislation at the national level and establish a legal system related to packaging.”

in the past, we would think of the word “packaging”, which usually appears on Lunar New Year gifts. In order to show the sincerity of the giver or raise the price of the gift, enterprises will always bother to wrap the gift

the most exaggerated package I have ever seen is a chrysanthemum tea, properly named “yellow chrysanthemum”. There are several small bags under the luxurious outer package. There is only one chrysanthemum in the small bag, and the advertising slogan on the package is also very detailed. Beautiful words. This is an eye opener for those who buy chrysanthemum tea by weighing a large bag and a plastic bag at the vendor while studying. But after drinking “Huang Ju”, I think this feeling of over packaging and appreciation is super broken

now, the phenomenon of over packaging has begun to develop from expensive gifts to low-cost goods, such as what we now call takeout goods. Once I called a Chinese restaurant for takeout. I saw that the chopsticks were wrapped in a beautiful carton, and the sealed fast food box must be wrapped in a thick carton& nbsp;

toothpicks and paper towels are packed separately. The whole take out shop was only 40 yuan, but after dinner, I piled up cartons, pockets and plastic tableware boxes. Think about eating at home. After eating the dishes and pots, I won’t put too much rubbish. If I don’t want to cook and order three meals on weekends, the garbage at my door will pile up

I thought so at first, but I felt guilty to mother earth when I saw that the takeout packaging I ordered became more and more complex and that I generated more and more garbage. Now I try to cook by myself. Suddenly, I produce much less garbage every day. When I go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, I try to use only one plastic bag

the consumption of over packaged goods is originally a kind of distorted consumption fashion , and has become a pathological phenomenon that can not be cured for a long time, which has seriously disturbed the order of the market economy and infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. I personally agree with the representative’s proposal to legislate to solve the problem of over packaging

China has been a country of etiquette since ancient times. It pays attention to family affection and reciprocity. However, in interpersonal communication, we should pay more attention to friendship than gifts, and pay more attention to reality than face. In this way, excessive packaging will have no soil for survival. The society should strengthen publicity, guide the simple and rational consumption concept, and cultivate a healthy social style

the government and industry associations should strengthen guidance, vigorously guide enterprises to establish and enhance the concept of simple packaging, oppose excessive packaging and advocate appropriate packaging, so as to save costs and resources. Packaging workers should also proceed from reality, design reasonably, advocate the concept of economic, practical and beautiful packaging, not only to achieve the function of packaging, but also to avoid excessive

extended data:

countermeasures and suggestions to effectively curb excessive packaging

first, improve policies and regulations . On the one hand, it is suggested to introduce the standards for restricting excessive packaging of goods other than food and cosmetics, so as to make the restriction of excessive packaging of goods truly legal

on the other hand, by improving relevant regulations, such as listing excessive packaging as commercial fraud and severely investigating and dealing with it in accordance with the relevant provisions of the anti unfair competition law and the consumer protection law, we can increase the punishment for excessive packaging, so as to make illegal enterprises pay high illegal costs

Second, strengthen publicity and guidance through the media, various large-scale publicity activities, market inspection, door-to-door annual inspection and other opportunities, publicize relevant laws and regulations to consumers, manufacturers and operators, guide consumers to establish correct, rational and scientific consumption awareness, advocate the consumption concept of health, economy and environmental protection, and guide merchants to strengthen their sense of social responsibility, Strengthen the construction of integrity and the awareness of industry self-discipline

Third, strict law enforcement and supervision on the one hand, relying on economic household registration and market inspection, we will strengthen the standardization, investigation and punishment of illegal acts such as using excessive packaging to sell inferior quality and high price, fake and shoddy goods and false publicity

on the other hand, actively strengthen the communication and contact with quality supervision, price, environmental protection and other departments, and adopt the way of “regular discussion, irregular joint law enforcement, strengthening information sharing and function transmission at any time”, so as to form a joint force of law enforcement to crack down on excessive packaging of goods and effectively improve the efficiency of supervision

I think excessive packaging will enlarge the value of the original goods infinitely, far exceeding the actual value.

waste resources! Now, there is excessive packaging in both food and goods. This excessive packaging is not only a waste of resources, but also a waste of consumers’ money! Therefore, proper packaging can be avoided, and excessive packaging can be avoided!

I think over packaging is just buying another appearance. The things inside can’t match the price, so it’s an act of cheating consumers.

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